Justice for Animals Allegedly Left in Unlivable Conditions and Starved to Death

Target: District Attorney Sandra Doorley, Monroe County, New York State, US

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against individuals allegedly involved in a Monroe County animal cruelty case.

In Monroe County, a disturbing scene of alleged animal cruelty has come to light. Authorities reportedly discovered four dogs and a cat in horrendous conditions, with one dog, Hercules, allegedly deceased due to starvation. The home’s state, described as ‘unlivable,’ paints a grim picture of neglect, where animals were reportedly left in dire straits.

According to Sheriff Brad Freeman, the conditions were so appalling that deputies struggled to remain inside during the investigation. Reports suggest a scene replete with overwhelming odors and sights of neglect. Animals were allegedly found in a state of severe malnutrition, with one reportedly trying to eat a pet snake out of desperation. These details not only highlight the gravity of the situation but also underscore the urgency for justice.

This situation demands immediate and decisive action. Allegedly responsible for this neglect are Sabrina Parks and Robert Wood, with Parks already in custody and Wood still at large. In light of these harrowing allegations, it is imperative that the Monroe County District Attorney takes robust action to ensure that justice is served and such reprehensible acts are not left unpunished.


Dear District Attorney Sandra Doorley,

I write to you regarding a deeply troubling incident in Monroe County, involving alleged severe animal cruelty. Reports indicate a distressing scene where multiple animals were found in dire conditions, with one dog tragically deceased. The extent of this alleged neglect, as described by Sheriff Freeman, highlights a clear dereliction of basic animal welfare.

The animals, identified as Magic, Maurice, Simba, Smokey, and the deceased Hercules, reportedly suffered in an environment no living being should ever endure. The alleged inability of responsible individuals to provide the most basic care is not just heartbreaking but also demands legal scrutiny. It is crucial that these allegations are met with the full force of the law to prevent any recurrence of such neglect.

Thus, I urge you, in your capacity as the District Attorney, to pursue this case with the utmost seriousness. Ensure that the alleged perpetrators face appropriate legal consequences. Only through decisive action can we hope to provide some measure of justice for these animals and send a clear message that such cruelty will not be tolerated in our community.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tony Alter

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