Prevent Wild Elephants from Ingesting Poisonous Waste

Target: K.N. Sahajan – Munnar Panchayat Secretary

Goal: Implement effective waste management to protect Munnar’s wildlife from hazardous exposure.

Two wild elephants in Munnar in the Indian state of Kerala faced a dire threat, as they were found consuming plastic waste from a local dumping yard. This incident, reported at the Kallar site near Nallathanni, highlights a grave environmental and wildlife hazard. R. Mohan of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals underscored the urgency, having witnessed the elephants in peril.

The Munnar panchayat-owned dumping yard, while intended for waste treatment, has become a dangerous feeding ground for wildlife. Despite efforts to manage waste, non-segregated trash, often discarded by tourists, ends up attracting animals. This mismanagement results in hazardous situations for the region’s elephants, as observed by forest officials and concerned citizens alike.

Immediate action is crucial. The welfare of Munnar’s wildlife, particularly its wild elephants, hinges on robust waste management strategies. Ensuring that non-segregated waste is properly handled and inaccessible to wildlife is not just an environmental issue but a moral imperative. Demand the implementation of effective measures to safeguard these majestic creatures from further harm.


Dear Secretary K.N. Sahajan,

The recent incident involving two wild elephants at the Munnar panchayat-owned dumping yard is deeply concerning. These magnificent animals, integral to our ecosystem, faced harm by consuming plastic waste, a direct result of inadequate waste management practices in the area. This situation demands immediate rectification.

While efforts to collect and treat waste in Munnar are commendable, the current system falls short in preventing wildlife from accessing hazardous materials. Tourist-generated non-segregated waste, in particular, poses a significant threat. Effective strategies, including secured waste storage and better public awareness, are urgently needed to prevent such incidents.

We urge you to take decisive action in this matter. Implementing a robust waste management system that protects the region’s wildlife, especially its elephants, is essential. We cannot overlook the health and safety of these animals. It is our collective responsibility to ensure their protection and well-being.


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Photo credit: Biswarup Ganguly

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