Justice for Horses Allegedly Lacking Essential Food, Drink, and Sanitary Conditions

Target: Robert Galibois II, District Attorney for Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Goal: Secure legal action against those responsible for the alleged animal cruelty at Smithfield Farm

Overwhelming evidence suggests horrific neglect at Smithfield Farm, where horses allegedly endured extreme deprivation. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) discovered these animals in a dire state, reportedly lacking essential food, drink, and sanitary conditions. The details of their plight, conveyed by the MSPCA, paint a distressing picture of suffering and neglect.

Janice A. Foster and Brian J. Abelli, associated with the farm, face charges of animal cruelty, a testament to the severity of the situation. Foster’s role as owner and the condition of the horses in her care point to a grave lapse in responsibility. Abelli’s horse, Dandy, also suffered in these conditions, highlighting a broader issue of oversight and animal welfare. Their alleged actions, or lack thereof, led to needless suffering, drawing ire and concern from animal welfare advocates and the community.

Such alleged mistreatment cannot go unaddressed. It highlights a need for stringent enforcement of animal welfare laws. This petition demands immediate legal action against Foster and Abelli. Their alleged neglect has caused considerable distress and suffering to innocent animals, an act that must face appropriate repercussions. Seek justice for these horses, a voice for the voiceless, in a system that must protect all creatures from harm.


Dear District Attorney Galibois,

I write to you concerning a matter of grave concern and public interest. The alleged animal cruelty at Smithfield Farm, as reported by the MSPCA, demands your immediate attention. Horses on this farm reportedly endured extreme neglect, deprived of basic necessities such as food, drink, and a clean environment. The severity of this situation, as evidenced by the charges against Janice A. Foster and Brian J. Abelli, cannot be overstated.

The details of this case are disturbing. The animals’ suffering reportedly stemmed from a blatant disregard for their well-being. This is not only an affront to animal welfare but also a violation of our community’s ethical standards. The legal system must address such egregious acts of neglect and cruelty. Foster and Abelli’s alleged failure to provide adequate care for these horses reflects a troubling disregard for life and welfare.

Therefore, I urge you to take decisive legal action against Foster and Abelli. Their alleged neglect resulted in significant harm and distress to the animals under their care. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the need for strict adherence to animal welfare laws. The community relies on your office to ensure justice is served in this harrowing case, setting a precedent that such cruelty will not be tolerated.


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