Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death With Tree Branch

Target: Irakli Shotadze, Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia

Goal: Ensure the maximum legal penalty for the individual accused of heinous animal abuse.

In a disturbing turn of events, a video surfaced on social media, allegedly showing Arip Goishov brutally beating a dog with a branch, resulting in its death. This harrowing incident, reportedly taking place in Kachagani, Marneuli municipality, has sparked widespread public outrage. Goishov’s alleged act of cruelty was supposedly in retaliation for the stray dog attacking his livestock.

Further details indicate a pattern of violence and misconduct surrounding Goishov. In a separate case, he was reportedly accused of soliciting sexual favors from a minor. Additionally, this is not an isolated incident of animal cruelty in Georgia; numerous cases, including fatal shootings of stray dogs and throwing a dog from a high-rise, have been reported. These incidents underscore the need for more stringent animal protection laws and enforcement in Georgia.

The existing legislation in Georgia is not sufficient to deter such heinous acts. Despite some laws addressing animal cruelty, their enforcement seems inadequate. Recent cases have shown that perpetrators often receive minimal punishments, which fail to reflect the gravity of their crimes. Hence, it is imperative to revise and enforce stricter laws to protect animals from such barbaric acts.


Dear Irakli Shotadze,

The recent case involving Arip Goishov, where he allegedly beat a dog to death, has raised serious concerns about animal welfare in our country. This incident, along with other reported cases of animal cruelty, highlights a significant gap in our legal system regarding animal rights. It is imperative that we address these shortcomings to prevent further atrocities against animals.

While Goishov faces charges under the current legislation, this case and others like it demonstrate a broader issue. The existing laws and their enforcement do not adequately protect animals from abuse and cruelty. In light of these events, it is crucial that we advocate for tougher penalties and stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws. This would not only serve justice in the current case but also set a precedent for future cases, deterring potential perpetrators.

Therefore, we urge you to ensure the strictest possible legal action against Arip Goishov for his alleged crime. Moreover, we appeal for a comprehensive review and strengthening of animal welfare laws in Georgia. It is our collective responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all living beings, and taking these steps would be a significant stride towards achieving this goal.


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Photo credit: Tony Alter

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  1. Cynthia A Pisarcik says:

    this bastard should be beaten with a hammer.

    Law Enforcement do your job !!!!!!

    put this scum behind bars !!!!!!!!!!


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