Justice for Lactating Mother Reportedly Beaten to Death on Camera

Target: Prasun Banerjee, Member of Parliament, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Goal: Ensure rigorous legal action against those allegedly involved in the brutal killing of a lactating mother.

In a deeply disturbing incident in Dhulagarh, Howrah, a lactating mother reportedly faced unthinkable cruelty. It’s alleged that Ujjwal Naskar, alongside his team, trapped her in a mosquito net, and then mercilessly beat her until she died. Her last, spine-chilling scream before collapsing reportedly haunts those who’ve heard it. This alleged act of cruelty, captured on camera and widely shared, has sparked outrage and a cry for justice.

Further unsettling details emerge from delving deeper into this incident. Witnesses describe a scene of harrowing brutality, where the alleged perpetrators laughed heartlessly as the victim lay lifeless. The emotional toll of such an act, not just on the immediate community but also on the broader public conscience, is immeasurable. The laughter following such an act of alleged brutality only adds to the shock and distress.

This petition seeks to ensure that justice prevails. The alleged actions of Ujjwal Naskar and his team represent a gross violation of moral and legal standards. Demand that the Howrah Member of Parliament takes immediate, rigorous legal action against those implicated in this alleged crime. Only through firm legal measures can we hope to prevent such barbarity in the future and uphold the values of justice and compassion in our society.


Dear Prasun Banerjee,

I am deeply troubled by the alleged incident in Dhulagarh where a lactating mother was reportedly subjected to extreme brutality. Captured on camera and shared across social platforms, this incident has not just shocked the local community but also disturbed a wider audience. The purported actions of Ujjwal Naskar and his team, involving the trapping and beating of a defenseless mother to death, followed by laughter at her demise, demand your urgent attention.

This case is not just about one act of alleged cruelty; it’s a test of our societal values and legal robustness. The details emerging from the incident – a mother’s final scream, the alleged perpetrators’ callous laughter – paint a picture of profound moral decay. It’s imperative that the legal system responds with appropriate seriousness to uphold justice and deter such alleged acts in the future.

Therefore, I urge you, as Chief Prosecutor, to take immediate and comprehensive legal action against the individuals allegedly involved in this heinous act. Such barbarity cannot go unpunished. Our collective conscience and commitment to justice depend on your decisive action in this matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Biswarup Ganguly


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    INDIA is fast becoming the cess-pit of cruelty, brutality and depravity. Its masses appear to have NO empathy, NO integrity, NO compassion, NO decency and certainly NO MORAL ETHICS WHATSOEVER. This country’s government and police ought to ‘grow a backbone’ and start giving PROPER punishments for the heinous atrocities that are happening in this sick, psychotic country. Gandhi must be thoroughly ashamed at the horrendous behaviour of his evil countrymen. SHAME ON INDIA.

  2. India is FUCKED!
    God help all women & animals in that evil shithole.
    What does their government do about it all?? NOTHING!
    All these evil savages (subhuman men) need to realise,, without a Mother,, they wouldn’t exist.
    This is absolutely heartbreaking.

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