Justice for Horse Reportedly Forced to Work in Extreme Heat Until Exhausted

Target: Edgardo José Maya Villazón, Chief Prosecutor of Valledupar, Colombia

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against the individual reportedly responsible for the barbaric attack on a horse in Valledupar.

A heart-wrenching incident in Valledupar’s Los Fundadores neighborhood has sparked outrage. An amateur video reportedly captured a horse, used illegally for carting a wheelbarrow, falling victim to a brutal assault. The individual directing the horse reportedly exhibited a callous disregard for animal welfare. He allegedly violently pulled on the bridle tied to the horse, attempting to coerce the exhausted animal to move under the sweltering sun.

The situation escalated disturbingly when the horse resisted. Frustrated, the man grabbed a branch from the wheelbarrow, reportedly striking the horse’s head with such force that the branch shattered. The horse appeared visibly fatigued and swayed its head in agony but remained rooted, a poignant testament to its apparent suffering. This seemingly deplorable act not only displays a blatant disrespect for life but also raises serious concerns about rampant animal cruelty in our community.

This seemingly cruel incident necessitates immediate legal intervention. It underscores the dire need for stringent laws against animal abuse and their strict enforcement. Demand that the Chief Prosecutor of Valledupar take decisive action against the alleged perpetrator. This will serve as a precedent, deterring similar acts of cruelty and ensuring that justice is served for the defenseless victim.


Dear Chief Prosecutor Edgardo José Maya Villazón,

In the Los Fundadores neighborhood of Valledupar, a heinous act of animal cruelty was apparently captured on video, compelling us to seek your intervention. The footage shows a horse, already burdened with illegal labor, seemingly subjected to a vicious physical assault. This reported act of barbarity cannot be overlooked and calls for your immediate attention.

The perpetrator, in a blatant display of cruelty, not only seemingly forced the exhausted horse to labor under harsh conditions but also reportedly resorted to physical violence when the animal could no longer comply. The reported impact of the branch against the horse’s head, breaking upon contact, is not just an act of violence but a symbol of the profound suffering animals endure at the hands of humans. This incident is not an isolated one; rather, it reflects a broader issue of animal abuse that demands stringent legal consequences.

We urge you to take swift and decisive legal action against the individual reportedly responsible for this atrocious act. It is imperative that this case is treated with the seriousness it deserves, setting a strong precedent against animal cruelty. Our community relies on your commitment to justice to ensure that such acts are not perpetrated with impunity.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pxhere


  1. That’s another damn country that doesn’t care about animals abuse

  2. That’s damn country doesn’t care about animals abuse

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