Justice for Dog Allegedly Taunted, Shocked, and Kicked

Target: Rob Mitchell , Chief Animal Welfare Officer

Goal: Ensure accountability for the alleged mistreatment of a defenseless dog.

Shocking allegations have surfaced concerning the treatment of a dog named Graham, later renamed Hippie. Allegedly, Graham was subjected to repeated, distressing acts of cruelty. These claims, detailed in a podcast episode, paint a harrowing picture of an animal in distress. It’s reported that Graham was taunted, shocked, and encouraged to bite, leading to a reinforcement of aggressive behavior.

In one particularly disturbing account, Graham was allegedly kicked off a couch while sleeping, a shocking act that could have caused immense distress. Further, it’s claimed that during moments of excessive drinking, Graham was subjected to yelling and frightening behavior, forcing him to seek refuge under furniture. These details are not just troubling; they highlight a pattern of behavior that could have lasting psychological effects on a defenseless animal.

The need for swift, decisive action cannot be overstated. Such alleged acts of cruelty towards an animal are unacceptable. They warrant thorough investigation and, if confirmed, appropriate legal consequences. Demand a comprehensive examination of these claims and appropriate action to ensure such behavior is not tolerated. Accountability is paramount in preventing future incidents of this nature.


Dear Officer Rob Mitchell,

Alarming allegations of cruelty towards a dog, originally named Graham, demand your immediate attention. Reportedly, this animal was subjected to distressing and harmful treatment. The details, as shared in a public forum, are deeply concerning and paint a picture of a defenseless creature subjected to ongoing mistreatment.

It is alleged that Graham was kicked, taunted, and encouraged to develop aggressive behaviors. Such acts, if proven true, are not only morally reprehensible but may also constitute a violation of animal welfare laws. It is imperative to investigate these claims thoroughly. A dog, as any animal, deserves to live without fear, abuse, or distress. The alleged actions, including the use of force and intimidation, are particularly alarming and warrant your urgent attention.

Therefore, we respectfully urge you to take immediate action. Please investigate these allegations promptly and thoroughly. If these claims are substantiated, we demand appropriate legal consequences for those responsible. Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of animals and to uphold the laws designed to protect them. Your prompt response to these serious allegations is crucial.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: 刘 昊


  1. Not all people love pets. They get pets and then frighten them. Pets are like kids who remain always around the age of 3 to 5. When we get a pet it is a responsibility, just like a child. Obviously this dog could not be trained to bite or be aggressive. Maybe the owners need to be trained, which is usually the problem. This dog needs to be rehired into a family who will love him and treat him kindly. If we scream and fight with a family member they can walk out of the situation but a set can’t. Have respect for a dog who loves you.

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY MY ASS !!! USA laws uphold NOTHING !!!

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