Justice for Deceased Dogs Reportedly Discovered in Freezer

Target: Bobby L. Christine, District Attorney of Columbia County, Georgia

Goal: Ensure legal repercussions for the individual allegedly responsible for appalling treatment and deaths of 14 dogs.

Grovetown’s recent tragedy, where 14 deceased dogs were allegedly discovered, demands urgent attention. Reportedly, in October 2023, authorities stumbled upon a harrowing scene in Margaret Nevils’ residence: dead dogs in states of decay, some in the refrigerator and freezer. This discovery paints a grim picture of animal neglect and abuse. One apparently emaciated pit bull, still alive, highlighted the severity of this situation.

Further investigation revealed disturbing details. Allegedly, three dogs were found dead in a bedroom, and seven puppies throughout the house. The deputy’s account of blood seeping from the freezer underscores the severity of this neglect. Nevils, supposedly running a dog adoption and rescue service, reportedly became overwhelmed, leading to this horrific outcome. This case brings to light the dire consequences of inadequate care and oversight in animal rescue operations.

The gravity of these allegations necessitates strict legal action. Nevils’ reported act of abandoning these animals, resulting in their death, cannot go unpunished. Demand that the District Attorney of Columbia County take immediate action to ensure that justice is served. This will send a clear message: such neglect and cruelty towards animals are unacceptable.


Dear Attorney Bobby L. Christine,

The reported appalling condition and subsequent death of 14 dogs in Margaret Nevils’ home demand your immediate intervention. Allegedly, these animals suffered neglect and abuse, leading to a heartbreaking end, as detailed in the incident report. The alleged presence of deceased dogs in the refrigerator and freezer, coupled with the sight of an emaciated pit bull, speaks volumes of the severity of this case.

This incident not only highlights individual responsibility but also raises questions about the oversight of animal rescue services. Allegedly, Nevils claimed to be overwhelmed by her rescue operations, yet this in no way justifies the outcome. These animals, once under her care, apparently ended up in a state of neglect and decay. This case serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of irresponsible animal care. We urge you to take decisive action against this alleged neglect.

Therefore, we call upon you to ensure that justice is served for these innocent animals. The community expects a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against the individual responsible for this atrocity. It is crucial to demonstrate that our legal system does not tolerate such cruelty and neglect towards animals.


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Photo credit: hannah k

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