Justice for Dogs Allegedly Stuffed in Bag and Discarded in River

Target: Honorable Jimmy B. Dunn, District Attorney of Cocke County

Goal: Prosecute and hold accountable those responsible for reported heinous act of animal cruelty in Cocke County, Tennessee.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a Cocke County man allegedly hurled a trash bag containing a deceased dog and puppies into a river. Randall Crum, now facing five counts of aggravated animal cruelty, was arrested post these disturbing allegations. The sheer brutality of this act, wherein defenseless animals were reportedly treated with utter disregard and cruelty, has sent shockwaves through the community.

Further details emerged when a state trooper was alerted to a man allegedly disposing of trash recklessly down an embankment. This led to the discovery of the appalling scene where the dogs were found, igniting widespread outrage. Lisa Layman, the director of animal control in Newport, highlighted the increasing frequency of such incidents, exacerbated by overcrowding in animal shelters across East Tennessee. The dire situation in these shelters often leads to neglect and abuse, forming a vicious cycle of cruelty.

This tragedy sheds light on a pressing societal issue. It beckons us to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. Demand thorough legal action against individuals accused of such inhumane acts. They must face the consequences of their alleged actions to ensure that justice prevails and to deter future instances of animal cruelty.


Dear Honorable Jimmy B. Dunn,

I am writing to you concerning a matter of grave urgency. The recent incident in your jurisdiction, where a man allegedly discarded a bag containing deceased dogs into a river, has left many distressed and seeking justice. The accused, Randall Crum, allegedly showed a disturbing lack of empathy and respect for life. This act not only demonstrates a blatant disregard for animal welfare but also poses a serious threat to the moral fabric of our society.

The details of this case, as reported, are deeply unsettling. The idea that someone could allegedly treat animals with such cruelty is beyond comprehension. The emotional impact on the community is profound, and it is imperative that these allegations are taken seriously. The increase in such acts of cruelty, as noted by animal control officials, further underscores the need for stringent legal action.

We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution of this case. It is crucial that those accused of such heinous acts are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Doing so will not only serve justice for the innocent animals involved but will also send a strong message against animal cruelty. We hope you will act swiftly and decisively in this matter.


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Photo credit: Thevinu Gunawardena

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