Justice for Five Malnourished Dogs Allegedly Neglected by Homeowner

Target: Joe Gonzales, Bexar County, Texas District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute the alleged perpetrator for severe animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law.

In Bexar County, a shocking case has emerged, with allegations of grave animal cruelty. On January 4, authorities allegedly discovered five dogs in an apparent state of severe malnutrition in a residence on Tramonto Hill. The conditions, reportedly due to neglect by the homeowner, Whitney Davis, paint a grim picture of animal suffering. This case calls for immediate and stringent legal action.

Details from the scene describe a disturbing scenario. Reports indicate that alongside malnourished dogs, a pervasive odor of animal feces engulfed the residence, pointing to seemingly prolonged neglect. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Davis, charging him with animal cruelty. These dogs, fortunately, received care at an animal hospital, yet the emotional scars of such neglect run deep. This incident not only highlights the plight of these animals but also raises broader concerns about potential connections between animal cruelty and other serious crimes, as noted by Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Legal action in this case is not just necessary; it is a moral imperative. The suffering endured by these animals due to alleged neglect demands the fullest application of justice. Urge the Bexar County District Attorney to take a firm stance. Prosecute the accused vigorously, ensuring a clear message: animal cruelty is a serious offense, warranting severe legal consequences.


Dear Attorney Joe Gonzales,

In your capacity as the chief legal officer of Bexar County, I urge you to take decisive action in a disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty. On January 4, five dogs were allegedly found in a horrific state of malnutrition in a residence on Tramonto Hill, under the care of Whitney Davis. This case is not only about the welfare of these animals but also speaks to broader societal concerns regarding the treatment of defenseless creatures.

The details of this case are deeply unsettling. These dogs suffered in seemingly abysmal conditions, indicative of prolonged neglect. Such acts of apparent cruelty cannot be overlooked or treated lightly. The connection between animal cruelty and other forms of violence, as highlighted by Sheriff Javier Salazar, underscores the urgency of this matter. Ensuring rigorous prosecution in this case sends a strong message against such heinous acts.

Therefore, I implore you to prosecute the accused, Whitney Davis, to the fullest extent of the law. This case demands a response that reflects the severity of the alleged crimes. By doing so, you will not only provide justice for these five dogs but also affirm our community’s commitment to protecting all living beings from cruelty and neglect.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Noël Zia Lee

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  1. To stop all the animal abuser put all animal abuses to sleep I stand by this with all my heart ❤️ anyone that abuses animals should be put to sleep

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