Don’t Illegally Imprison Refugees

Target: Merrick Garland, United States Attorney General

Goal: Stop Texas from taking illegal and excessive actions against suspected border crossers.

Texas leaders are using increasingly harsh, and often dangerous, measures to prevent migrants (many of whom are refugees) from crossing the border. Controversial actions have included placing floating barriers in the Rio Grande River and installing very harmful concertina wire. Both of these devices could result in death. After facing legal blockades, Governor Greg Abbott has now signed off on another highly volatile approach: the criminalization of border crossing (ironic, given Texas was once a legal part of Mexico itself).

A new state law that would go into effect soon would give local and state authorities the power to arrest individuals suspected of unpermitted border crossings and place them in jail for weeks. Migrants could also face up to a 20-year prison sentence (more severe than many violent crime sentences) if they are not deported. Civil liberties advocates have argued this dictate will fuel racial profiling and that it attempts to override federal laws. The Department of Justice seemingly agrees, as it has threatened to sue Texas if the law is not rescinded.

Sign the petition below to urge the department to follow through on preventing a heartless and retaliatory political tactic that will only hurt real human beings.


Dear Attorney General Garland,

You warned Texas leaders about violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. You also warned of the potential irreparable damage done to asylum seekers who could face torture and persecution because they are being used as political pawns. And if the proposed state law goes into effect, innocent people could endure prison sentences greater than punishments handed down to convicted murderers. The governor’s reply where he speaks of trying to “save America” reveals his true intent.

Please do not let these human beings get caught in the political crossfire. Follow the precedent of Arizona’s attempt at a similar hateful law and pursue every legal means to stop this anti-American dictate now.


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