Tiger Dead After Rescue From Allegedly Abusive Roadside Zoo Deserves Justice

Target: Jason Miyares, Attorney General of Virginia

Goal: Ensure legal action against those allegedly responsible for the shocking mistreatment of animals at a Virginia zoo.

Roadside zoos, often seen as harmless attractions, can hide grim realities. At Virginia’s Natural Bridge Zoo, a recent raid unveiled a disturbing scenario. Allegedly, 95 living and over 28 deceased animals, including exotic species, were removed. The image of a 12-year-old tiger reportedly euthanized to end its suffering paints a chilling picture. These allegations hint at a deeper malaise, far from the innocuous image of a zoo.

Further details of the raid, conducted by Virginia State Police, are profoundly unsettling. Reports suggest lemurs, macaws, pythons, and tortoises were among those rescued. More harrowing, however, is the account of a former employee. He claimed to have witnessed an elephant named Asa in dismal conditions, shackled and surrounded by its own waste. The alleged instructions on how to physically discipline the animal are particularly distressing. If true, these acts reflect not just negligence, but a conscious cruelty that demands urgent redress.

These allegations, if proven, reveal a disturbing disregard for animal welfare. They necessitate a strong legal response. In light of these distressing accounts, demand that those responsible face justice. Demand the legal process address these grave concerns and set a precedent that animal cruelty, especially in institutions trusted with their care, is intolerable and punishable.


Dear Attorney General Jason Miyares,

We write to you with a heavy heart and a plea for justice. The recent raid at the Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia has reportedly exposed a harrowing situation of animal mistreatment. Allegedly, over a hundred animals, both living and dead, were removed, including species like lemurs, macaws, and pythons. The reported conditions in which these animals were found, and the manner of their treatment, are deeply troubling.

Reports detail not just neglect, but active cruelty. A former employee alleged witnessing an elephant named Asa kept in shackles, surrounded by its own urine, with instructions on how to inflict pain effectively. Such allegations, if true, portray a dark and cruel environment, unbefitting any establishment, let alone a zoo. It’s imperative that these claims are thoroughly investigated and, if substantiated, result in appropriate legal consequences.

Therefore, I urge you to take swift and decisive action. These allegations demand a thorough investigation and, if found true, stringent legal action against those responsible. This case is not just about one zoo but stands as a testament to our societal stance against animal cruelty. Please ensure that justice is served, setting a precedent that such alleged treatment of animals is unacceptable and punishable by law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


  1. Alice Knight says:

    Roadside zoos of any kind need to be abolished by law. The animals set to live their remaining lives in sanctuaries where hopefully they will be protected and free.

  2. Jeff Tucker says:

    While it does sound like there is some validity here, do not rush to judgement over the comments of former employees. Former employees, especially those who have been fired and carry with them an agenda of revenge, especially in the animal world, often embellish their stories in the name of “social justice” to make their egos feel better. Bethany Gengler is a prime example at “RoadSideZooNews.” She is a former animal worker who was arrested for trafficking narcotics from a vet she worked at after failing to get jobs working with exotics she so desperately wanted to be around. She saw what the media did for Carol Baskin and decided to act like she was an activist to minimize her own misdeeds.

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