Justice for Dog Subjected to Harrowing Abuse

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Prosecute those responsible for the disturbing abuse of a defenseless dog.

A shocking case of animal cruelty emerged, involving a small dog. Its head became grotesquely swollen due to a rope cruelly tied around its neck. Initially, rescuers mistook the swelling for a disease or insect bite. But a closer examination revealed a disturbing truth. The rope hidden in its fur was the cause of severe swelling. This horrific scenario, discovered in a villa in China, has evoked widespread outrage. Such abuse cannot go unpunished.

Neighbors called veterinarians to rescue the dog, believing it to be a victim of abuse. The vets traveled 300 kilometers to find the frightened animal, which avoided human contact. Once found, they realized the true extent of its suffering. A rope, tightly bound, had caused fluid retention and significant distress. This harrowing ordeal for the animal highlights the need for stringent legal action against those culpable.

This egregious act of cruelty requires swift justice. The physical and psychological trauma inflicted on this innocent animal is inexcusable. Prosecute the individuals responsible for this atrocity.


Dear Xi Jinping,

The recent discovery of a small dog subjected to unimaginable cruelty in your jurisdiction requires your urgent attention. The animal, found with a rope tied tightly around its neck, suffered severe swelling and distress. This case is not just about animal cruelty; it speaks to our collective moral obligation to protect the defenseless.

Veterinarians who rescued the dog were appalled at the condition in which they found it. The animal, avoiding human contact out of fear, was eventually treated and saved. But the psychological scars may linger. The perpetrators of this cruelty must be held accountable. Legal action against them is not just a matter of justice for the dog, but a deterrent against future acts of violence against animals.

We urge you to take immediate action in this case. Prosecute those responsible for the horrific treatment of this innocent animal. Your intervention can send a strong message that such cruelty will not be tolerated. Our society must stand firm in protecting all its members, especially the most vulnerable.


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  1. Irene Leggett says:

    Probably waiting for it to die so the vile, depraved, psychotic Chinese could then eat it.

  2. Jennifer Lockett says:

    This country is filled with criminals who are cruelly torturing nonhumans for fun. I’ll never understand how violence is allowed anywhere. But it’s really bad here for animals. Any animal who is born in this country is in danger. They have no protection under the law and brave animal rights activists have to risk their own safety to protect them. I laud the actions of activists who beat the men responsible for amputating the limbs of living kittens and throwing them off buildings and other psychotic behaviors. Because they recognize these people pose a danger to society. They are killers. They are vile. They deserve no mercy. Do something. You’re the boss aren’t you? Fix your males.

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