Justice for Canines Reportedly Subjected to Dogfighting and Abuse

Target: Shannon G. Wallace, District Attorney of Cherokee County

Goal: Ensure severe legal consequences for individuals implicated in the brutal dogfighting and abuse of canines.

Recently, a harrowing discovery in Cherokee County unveiled a horrific scenario of apparent canine mistreatment. Allegedly, multiple dogs were found in deplorable conditions, tethered with heavy chains, indicating severe abuse and involvement in dogfighting. This shocking revelation demands urgent attention and action. Further investigation allegedly linked these canines to a notorious dogfighting ring, intensifying the gravity of this situation. Items found at the scene, including breaksticks and training materials, reportedly suggest a systematic approach to preparing these animals for combat. Disturbingly, these dogs suffered from numerous health issues, including skin infections and swollen paws, allegedly due to their cruel treatment and harsh living conditions.

A veterinarian’s assessment of the canines’ health reportedly revealed further distressing details. Skin infections, rashes from tight collars, and swollen paw pads were among the ailments discovered, painting a grim picture of their lives. One dog, notably, suffered from a growth on its stomach, highlighting the extent of the alleged neglect. A pregnant canine, rescued from these allegedly abhorrent conditions, birthed puppies shortly after, underscoring the urgency of this situation. The evidence presented in court, including photos and physical items from the property, further emphasizes the need for justice.

This case is seemingly a stark reminder of the cruelty that animals can face and the necessity for stringent legal repercussions for those involved in such acts. Demand the implementation of stringent legal penalties for individuals found guilty of animal cruelty and dogfighting.


Dear Shannon G. Wallace,

Recent events in Cherokee County have unveiled an alarming scenario of reported animal cruelty and dogfighting. Dogs were discovered in distressing conditions, tethered and seemingly neglected, allegedly part of a larger dogfighting operation. This situation requires your immediate attention and action. Evidence collected from the scene reportedly includes items used in dogfighting and documents linking these animals to known dogfighters. This discovery is not only distressing but also demands a robust legal response.

The condition of these animals, as examined by a veterinarian, further illustrates the gravity of their plight. Reports of skin infections, swollen paws, and other signs of neglect and abuse paint a disturbing picture. The discovery of a pregnant canine, who later gave birth to puppies, adds a layer of urgency to this situation. The evidence, including photos and physical items presented during the trial, underscores the need for stringent legal action.

Those found guilty of such heinous acts must face severe legal consequences. This case is seemingly a stark reminder of the cruelty animals can endure and the necessity for strict legal penalties against those involved in animal cruelty and dogfighting. We urge you to ensure that justice is served for these animals by implementing stringent penalties for the individuals implicated in this case.


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Photo credit: BBC World Service

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