Justice for Animals Reportedly Subjected to Shocking Cruelty in Slaughterhouses

Target: Joanne Palmer, Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Goal: Implement immediate legal action against those responsible for the cruelty in Tasmanian slaughterhouses and enforce strict animal welfare regulations.

Tasmanian slaughterhouses have become centers of horror, according to recent investigations. Disturbing footage has apparently uncovered a bleak reality: animals, including pigs, cows, and calves, facing egregious cruelty. These sentient beings allegedly endure unimaginable suffering–some slaughtered fully conscious, others regaining awareness mid-slaughter. In one abhorrent instance, calves reportedly killed without stunning, one drowning in its own blood. This appears to be a stark violation of the most basic animal welfare standards.

Further details appear to expose a broader, more systemic issue. Workers allegedly resort to brutal methods, including multiple shots, physical abuse, and even jumping on terrified animals. This alleged cruelty appears to be not isolated but indicative of a larger failure in regulatory oversight. Despite previous reports of similar atrocities in 2016, little to no action has been taken. This inaction suggests a concerning disregard for animal welfare and a broken regulatory system, failing those it’s meant to protect.

Immediate legal action against those responsible for these atrocities is imperative. The existing regulatory framework must undergo a thorough overhaul to ensure such cruelty never recurs. Demand stringent enforcement of animal welfare standards and accountability for these alleged acts of cruelty.


Dear Joanne Palmer,

Recent investigations into Tasmanian slaughterhouses have apparently unveiled a disturbing reality. Allegations of severe animal cruelty in these facilities are not only shocking but also indicative of a systemic failure in regulatory oversight. Animals, including young calves, reportedly endure extreme suffering–some killed while fully conscious, a clear breach of ethical and legal standards.

The depth of this alleged cruelty is alarming. Animals reportedly face brutal, inhumane treatment, including physical abuse and terrifying methods to force them into slaughter. This appears to not only represent a failure to protect these animals but also a blatant disregard for existing welfare regulations. The continued operation of these facilities, despite previous allegations, suggests a significant breakdown in the system meant to safeguard animal welfare.

We urge you to take immediate legal action against those responsible for these atrocities. It is crucial to enforce stricter animal welfare regulations and ensure accountability for these alleged acts of cruelty. Without decisive action, the integrity of the regulatory system and the welfare of countless animals remain at grave risk. We demand justice and reform to prevent future occurrences of such inhumane treatment.


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Photo credit: GCNorton

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  1. Jennifer Lockett says:

    I don’t eat meat, as it seems to be the occupation of psychopaths.

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