Justice for Rescue Dog Allegedly Tortured in Supposed Forever Home

Target: Gina DeGenova, Mahoning County, Ohio Prosecutor

Goal: Prosecute the individual responsible for the alleged abuse of Jake, ensuring justice and safeguarding animal welfare.

Angel’s for Animals, a sanctuary for abandoned pets, witnessed a heart-wrenching turn of events. Jarrod Kish, expressing keen interest, adopted Jake, the longest-staying canine resident. Initially, this appeared to be a happy ending. Tragically, this joy was short-lived. Reports of alleged animal cruelty soon surfaced, shaking the community and raising serious concerns about adoption processes and animal safety.

According to a neighbor’s account, distressing sounds of a dog screaming and being stomped on led to a police report. Jake, once hopeful for a loving home, was reportedly found with bulging, bloodshot eyes and a tender trachea. This revelation shocked the staff at Angel’s for Animals and Animal Charity of Ohio, bringing to light the harsh reality of what can transpire post-adoption. The frequency of such abuse cases has reportedly risen, highlighting a systemic issue that demands urgent attention and action.

This appalling situation underscores the need for stricter vetting processes in pet adoptions and more robust legal consequences for animal abusers. Ensuring justice for Jake is paramount, not only for his sake but to prevent future incidents of similar cruelty. A clear message must be sent that such actions will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the law.


Dear Gina DeGenova,

We are writing to bring to your attention a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty involving a rescue dog named Jake. After being adopted from Angel’s for Animals, Jake reportedly suffered severe abuse at the hands of his adopter, Jarrod Kish. This case has shocked our community and raised serious concerns about the safety of animals post-adoption.

According to a police report, a neighbor heard distressing sounds of a dog being harmed. Subsequent examination revealed Jake had severely bulging, bloodshot eyes and a tender trachea, indicative of severe mistreatment. This case is not isolated; Animal Charity of Ohio reports an alarming increase in abuse cases among adopted animals. This disturbing trend necessitates a robust response from our legal system.

We urge you to take immediate action. Investigate this case thoroughly and prosecute the individual responsible for Jake’s alleged abuse. Doing so will not only serve justice for Jake but also send a strong message that animal cruelty is a serious crime with serious consequences. It is imperative that we protect our vulnerable animal companions and ensure that they are treated with the compassion and care they deserve.

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  1. Julie James says:

    The process of adopting a dog has to change a background check should be mandatory. Although time consuming this would at least reveal if that home would really be a suitable one. Rather than just letting these poor animals go to someone like that. This poor dog, I wish I could take him and give him all the tender love that he deserves. What a horrific time he has had to endure. Obviously that man is a sadist and adopted the dog with one intention of fulfilling his sadistic needs. He will most probably keep doing it. The laws have to change and be more severe. Heavy fines, more prison time and a check on people when they move, as they most probably would get other defenceless animals. There new addresses should be reported, People like this rarely respond to treatment they are void of emotion when they do it. Or a dark rage which is no excuse, and also a threat to children and adults. Let’s hope that judges do there job.and impose max sentences

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