Dogs Reportedly Found Chained and Starving Deserve Justice

Target: Hon. Eugene Crum, Sheriff of Mingo County, West Virginia

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for suspects accused of leaving chained dogs without food, water, or shelter.

A deeply troubling case of animal neglect has emerged from Mingo County, West Virginia. Shawna Hicks and Skyler Mullins, both aged 23, have been charged with animal cruelty. This action follows a disturbing discovery by law enforcement officers who, while responding to an unrelated call, reportedly witnessed a harrowing scene at the residence of the accused.

Two dogs were allegedly found in a severely neglected state. They were reportedly chained, malnourished, and showed clear signs of neglect. Shockingly, the animals were apparently without shelter, food, or water and entangled around a wooden post. The weather conditions further exacerbated their suffering, with temperatures plunging to 29 degrees, leaving the dogs allegedly shivering in the cold.

These allegations paint a grim picture of disregard for animal welfare. Such acts are not only morally reprehensible but also a violation of laws designed to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. Demand a thorough investigation be conducted to ascertain the facts and ensure justice is served.


Dear Hon. Eugene Crum,

We are writing to express our profound distress over the recent case of animal neglect in Mingo County. The situation involving Shawna Hicks and Skyler Mullins, where two dogs were found in deplorable conditions, demands immediate and serious attention.

We implore you to ensure a comprehensive investigation into this case. Every detail must be scrutinized to ensure that justice prevails. The severity of the neglect, exacerbated by harsh weather conditions, necessitates a response proportionate to the gravity of the offense.

We trust that under your leadership, the Mingo County Sheriff’s Department will not only bring the perpetrators to justice but also reinforce the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. This case is a litmus test for our collective commitment to animal welfare and ethical responsibility.


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Photo credit: Felix K.

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