Justice for Exotic Animals Allegedly Stacked Atop Each Other

Target: Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against Michael Thomas Lawton for alleged animal cruelty.

Recent revelations in Kent County, Michigan, uncover a disturbing scenario where Michael Thomas Lawton allegedly subjected numerous exotic animals to severe neglect and abuse. This scenario, described in a news report, includes both live and deceased animals found in appalling conditions. Lawton faces a felony charge for animal cruelty, allegedly involving over two dozen exotic creatures, such as snakes and a tarantula. The gravity of this situation demands immediate and decisive action.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office reported the seizure of 27 live exotic animals, including boa constrictors, pythons, and other reptiles, under distressing circumstances. Additionally, ten dead snakes were reportedly removed from the premises. These animals, some reportedly in small plastic containers, stacked atop each other, paint a picture of extreme neglect. The surviving animals are now under the care of John Ball Zoo, requiring medical evaluation and recovery time. This case, extending beyond mere ownership issues, seems to cross ethical and legal boundaries, necessitating stern judicial intervention.

The alleged prolonged nature of this mistreatment, coupled with the horrific living conditions described, underscores the urgency of this petition. Demand that Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker pursue the strictest possible legal measures against Michael Thomas Lawton. Such alleged cruelty cannot go unpunished, and this case should serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of animal neglect and abuse.


Dear Prosecutor Chris Becker,

The case involving Michael Thomas Lawton, and the alleged abuse and neglect of dozens of exotic animals in Kent County, demands your immediate and focused attention. Reports indicate a ghastly scene where many animals, including snakes and a tarantula, were found in conditions that suggest severe neglect. This situation, which allegedly persisted for years, represents a gross violation of animal welfare standards.

Lawton faces a felony charge for his alleged actions, highlighting the seriousness of this matter. The details emerging from the investigation – live and deceased animals in cramped, unhealthy conditions – are not only deeply disturbing but also indicative of a broader issue of animal mistreatment. The community looks to you for justice in this case, expecting that such alleged cruelty is met with appropriate legal consequences.

This petition underscores the community’s call for action. We urge you to apply the full extent of the law in prosecuting this case. It is crucial to send a clear message that animal cruelty, in any form, is unacceptable and will be met with stern legal repercussions. We trust in your commitment to justice and the protection of the vulnerable.


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Photo credit: Kamil Zubrzycki

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