Justice for Elderly Woman and Pets in Tragic House Fire Allegedly Set by Son

Target: Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa

Goal: Secure legal consequences for the individual accused of causing harm to an elderly woman and her pets through alleged arson and animal abuse.

A heart-wrenching incident in Ottumwa, Iowa, has reportedly left an elderly woman and her pets in a dire situation. Allegedly, George Edward Dennison, her son, is responsible for a house fire that endangered lives. On a fateful night, reports suggest that he set their shared home ablaze. This incident is not just a tragedy but a call for immediate legal intervention.

Further details reveal the severity of this alleged crime. Responders found Patricia Bird, the 84-year-old victim, trapped in her burning home. Heroically, they rescued her, yet not without harm. Sadly, two innocent dogs perished in the flames. These details, disturbing and heartbreaking, underline the alleged recklessness and cruelty at play. It’s imperative to address this alleged wrongdoing with the seriousness it deserves.

The need for justice in this case is undeniable. An elderly woman faced a life-threatening situation, and innocent pets lost their lives. All allegedly due to one individual’s actions. Demand that the Wapello County Prosecutor take decisive action.


Dear Governor Kim Reynolds,

This letter is a collective outcry for justice in a tragic case from Ottumwa, Iowa. We urge you to consider the alleged heinous acts of George Edward Dennison. His actions reportedly endangered his elderly mother, Patricia Bird, and resulted in the tragic deaths of two beloved pets. It is a matter of grave concern that requires your immediate attention and action.

On November 21, a fire allegedly set by Dennison engulfed a home, trapping his 84-year-old mother inside. First responders managed to save her, but the trauma and harm she endured cannot be overlooked. Moreover, two innocent pets lost their lives in this alleged act of cruelty. These details not only evoke strong emotions but also highlight the urgency of the situation. We urge you to consider the gravity of these allegations and act accordingly.

In light of these disturbing events, we demand that you take all necessary legal steps. Ensure that this case is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The community needs to see that such alleged acts of arson and animal abuse are met with strong legal repercussions. We trust in your commitment to justice and look forward to seeing appropriate action taken in this case.

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Photo credit: Aaron Hines

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