Justice for Dog Allegedly Yanked With Choke Collar

Target: Sandra Doorley, District Attorney of Rochester, New York

Goal: Implement stringent legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator of repeated arson and animal cruelty in New York.

In Rochester, N.Y., a chilling saga of alleged continuous arson and severe animal cruelty unfolded. On September 29, a trailer was set ablaze in an event described by authorities as intentional. Investigators assert that Duane Cansdale Jr., aged 30, regularly ignited fires inside the trailer for warmth, a reckless act endangering lives and property. This alleged brazen disregard for safety and law needs stringent legal repercussions.

The narrative takes a darker turn with allegations of animal cruelty. Reportedly, Cansdale, in a separate incident, forcibly took a dog, subjecting it to extreme distress. This act, where the dog was allegedly yanked with a choke collar to the point of vomiting multiple times, paints a harrowing picture of abuse. Such alleged behavior showcases a disturbing lack of empathy and a danger to animals that requires legal intervention.

These actions, if proven true, are not just criminal but deeply troubling. They reflect a pattern of alleged recklessness and cruelty that must be addressed legally and swiftly. We demand that District Attorney Doorley take decisive action against these alleged crimes to safeguard our community and ensure justice for the vulnerable victims of these horrendous acts.


Dear District Attorney Doorley,

In Rochester, N.Y., an alarming series of events has raised serious concerns about public safety and animal welfare. Allegedly, Duane Cansdale Jr. set a trailer on fire intentionally and subjected an innocent animal to extreme cruelty. These acts, if proven, demonstrate a disturbing pattern of behavior that poses a significant threat to both human and animal lives.

This saga began with the alleged intentional ignition of a trailer, an act of arson that endangered lives and property. The severity of this offense is compounded by the subsequent alleged animal cruelty incident. A dog, reportedly taken forcefully, endured extreme distress under Cansdale’s alleged actions. Such alleged disregard for life and safety cannot go unchecked.

Given these disturbing allegations, I urge you to take decisive action. Implement stringent legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator of these heinous acts. Doing so will not only bring justice to the victims but will also serve as a deterrent to similar crimes in the future. Our community looks to you for leadership in ensuring that such alleged cruelty and recklessness are met with the full force of the law.


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