Special Needs Dogs Allegedly Victimized at Rescue Shelter Deserve Justice

Target: Rachel Mitchell, Prosecutor for Maricopa County, AZ

Goal: Prosecute woman charged with 77 counts of animal cruelty to fullest extent.

A disturbing case involving dozens of special needs dogs recently created quite a stir on social media. The animals were reportedly found in deplorable conditions at the residence of April McLaughlin, who operated a supposed rescue shelter called the Special Needs Animal Welfare League. Investigators reported the following: exposed ribs, urine and feces-caked walls, raw sores, immobile limbs, no water, and puppy carcasses. Several of the dogs were apparently in such a deteriorated state that they had to be euthanized. The Arizona Humane Society said in a statement, “these dogs were suffering horrifically.”

After prolonged pressure from local activists and the discovery of the animals by police, charges were brought before the prosecutor’s office but were seemingly dropped until a more thorough investigation could be completed. Now that this police investigation is done, McLaughlin is once again facing animal cruelty charges totaling 77. The case also compelled needed reforms in the locality’s cruelty laws.

But true justice will not be served for these animals if prosecutors once again fail at the job. Sign the petition below to demand full legal consequences for this suspect if she is found guilty.


Dear Prosecutor Mitchell,

You asked Chandler police to deliver more evidence against Special Needs Animal Welfare League operator April McLaughlin, and they have apparently done the job. Even local leaders are in the process of amending laws to better protect at-risk animals. Now the responsibility rests with you to close this sad chapter in a meaningful way by holding this suspect fully accountable for any crimes of which she is found guilty.

The 55 animals involved in this case are among the most vulnerable, and their lives matter. Please prosecute this case with vigilance and seek the maximum possible penalty.


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Photo Credit: Arkay


  1. Carmen Marquez says:

    How horrible – I thought that the USA was one of the most ‘civilized’ countries in this ‘dirty’ world!
    And how will it be sentenced?
    With a ‘slap’ on the wrist?
    Do let us know, please!

  2. This heartless bitch is a repeat offender all because of poor animal cruelty laws. These defenseless animals need a righteous and empathetic prosecutor to protect them and I hope Rachel Mitchell will do just that.

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