Video of Apparent Decaying Pigs and Stillborn Piglets at Farm Demands Actions

Target: David Eby, Premier of British Columbia

Goal: Launch a thorough investigation into alleged animal cruelty at the animal farm accused of abuse.

Shocking footage, reportedly captured covertly at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford, has sparked outrage. Allegedly showcasing horrific scenes, this material reveals what might be gross mistreatment of animals. It is said to include images of deceased and decaying pigs, some partly consumed, alongside crushed or stillborn piglets.

Further details from the footage purportedly include animals being kicked, jabbed with metal rods, and struck with plastic boards. Sightings of pigs with severe injuries, such as hernias and open wounds, were also allegedly captured. Moreover, conditions at the farm appear abysmal, with water troughs potentially contaminated with feces and blood.

The necessity for immediate action stems from these deeply disturbing allegations. Animal Justice, a Toronto-based group, has submitted this footage to the BC SPCA, along with a legal complaint. This petition demands that the BC SPCA, under the guidance of Marcie Moriarty, conduct a comprehensive investigation into these allegations and ensure any proven misconduct is met with appropriate legal consequences.


Dear Governor Janet Austin,

Allegations of severe animal cruelty at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford have come to light, demanding your immediate attention. Secretly recorded footage, reportedly obtained between April and June 2023, appears to depict shocking scenes of animal mistreatment, including deceased, decaying, and partially consumed pigs, alongside crushed or stillborn piglets.

The disturbing nature of these allegations extends to visuals of pigs being subjected to physical abuse and neglect. They were reportedly kicked, jabbed with metal rods, hit with plastic boards, and shown suffering from serious injuries. Additionally, the footage allegedly shows living conditions that are far below acceptable standards, with water troughs filled with feces and blood.

Considering these alarming allegations, we urge you to initiate a thorough investigation into the reported conditions at Excelsior Hog Farm. It is imperative that these claims are meticulously examined and, if verified, that appropriate legal actions are taken against those responsible for any proven misconduct. The welfare of these animals and the integrity of animal welfare laws depend on your decisive action.


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