Justice For Animals Who Allegedly Suffered and Died Under Care

Target: Mike Parson, Governor of Missouri

Goal: Ensure justice for the numerous animals that allegedly suffered and perished under care.

The shocking report of multiple deceased dogs and chickens at a residence in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, demands immediate legal action. Diane Lynn Pair, 62, is accused of animal abuse, a disturbing allegation supported by the gruesome report of several animal carcasses in her former home. This distressing situation came to light when the new owner and a cleaner, preparing the house, reportedly stumbled upon this horrific scene, revealing a grotesque disregard for animal life.

Allegedly, police found skeletal remains of chickens in a coop and multiple dogs’ remains in kennels, with one deceased dog lying atop a kennel. These appalling conditions suggest a prolonged period of neglect and abuse. The emotional impact of such a scene is profound, resonating deeply with anyone valuing animal welfare. This incident indicates a severe case of animal cruelty, emphasizing the urgent need for legal intervention.

The community’s trust in justice necessitates a firm response to these allegations. We demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against Diane Lynn Pair, ensuring such neglect and abuse are not overlooked. Animals, as sentient beings, deserve protection and compassion, a principle that must be upheld through our legal system.


Dear Governor Mike Parson,

The reported discovery in Cape Girardeau County of several dead animals in a home previously owned by Diane Lynn Pair presents a deeply troubling scenario, one that demands your immediate attention. The reported findings of deceased dogs and chickens in various states of decay not only evoke a strong emotional response but also raise significant concerns about animal welfare laws’ enforcement.

This case allegedly illustrates a disturbing pattern of neglect and cruelty. The animals, reportedly confined in kennels and coops, were found in conditions that suggest they suffered immensely. This situation necessitates a comprehensive investigation and, if warranted, the full application of legal consequences. Such actions will affirm our society’s commitment to the humane treatment of all creatures.

In light of these allegations, I urge you to take decisive action. Investigate the matter thoroughly and, if the evidence supports the allegations, prosecute to the fullest extent possible. This case stands not just as a matter of legal principle but as a testament to our collective empathy and responsibility towards all living beings.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Diane Lynn Pair needs to be held accountable for the neglect and abuse. She needs to be charged with all her crimes against these animals. It sounds like she just left them to die. Disgusting!

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