Stop Filming Perilous Stunts That Endanger Wild Animals

Target: Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Goal: Enact strict regulations to prevent future tragedies stemming from harmful interactions with wildlife, as exemplified by the recent death of a young man in Deoria.

In a horrific turn of events, a young man’s life was snuffed out by a snakebite, a demise reportedly set in motion by his own hands. Rohit Jaiswal, aged 22, from Ahirauli village, fell victim to a venomous reptile while apparently intoxicated and filming a perilous stunt. This harrowing incident, brimming with distressing elements, demands our immediate attention and action. The disturbing footage, lasting four minutes and thirty-eight seconds, captured Rohit’s fateful encounter with the serpent – an encounter characterized by reckless provocations and clear ignorance of the dire potential consequences.

Details of the shocking episode describe Rohit wrapping the snake around his neck, inviting the lethal creature to attack. In his allegedly inebriated state, he taunted death by allowing the snake to bite his tongue, all while portraying a deity. Amidst these actions, the video portrays a troubling disregard for life, both human and animal. These actions were not in isolation; Rohit’s perilous acts were documented in a video that found its way into the public domain, igniting a viral wildfire across social media platforms.

The loss of this young life underscores a dire need for robust wildlife interaction regulations. We must demand a policy that safeguards individuals and animals alike from such needless harm. The call to action is clear: We must put an end to such reckless endangerment, ensuring this kind of tragedy does not reoccur.


Dear Yogi Adityanath,

I write to you with a heavy heart, reflecting on the tragedy that befell a young man in Deoria – a preventable loss that could recur absent immediate intervention. The case of Rohit Jaiswal, who lost his life after an encounter with a snake while filming a dangerous stunt, underscores an urgent need for regulatory action. This distressing event, reportedly fueled by alcohol, was recorded in a video that painfully documents the young man’s final moments.

This case illustrates a disturbing trend of reckless wildlife interaction, amplified by social media’s far-reaching impact. Rohit’s actions, from challenging the snake to engaging in actions that deeply disrespect the boundary between humans and wildlife, point to a broader societal issue that must be addressed. It’s imperative that we take a stand against such dangerous behavior by implementing stringent guidelines and penalties.

Therefore, I urge you to swiftly enact and enforce regulations to prevent such occurrences in the future. We seek not only justice for Rohit but also a safeguard against similar future incidents, protecting our communities and wildlife. The time for change is now – before another life is lost in such a senseless manner.


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Photo credit: James Wainscoat

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