Justice for Animals Allegedly Severely Neglected by ‘Most Wanted’ Man

Target: Arch C. McKay III, District Attorney of Nelson County

Goal: Ensure justice for allegedly neglected agricultural animals and hold responsible parties accountable.

Shocking allegations of animal neglect in Nelson County have surfaced, sparking outrage and a clarion call for accountability. Liam Coy, spotlighted by the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office as “most wanted” on 24 counts of failing to care for agricultural animals, asserts a stark contrast, claiming innocence and threatening legal action for defamation. A community left in dismay, details of the alleged neglect include a reported watering can leak, with electric company workers as initial reporters. These serious allegations not only demand thorough investigation but also beg for a judicial response to ensure no animal suffers from potential oversight or neglect.

Despite Coy’s claims of overblown charges and healthy goats under consistent care, the mathematical mismatch of 24 counts for six goats raises eyebrows and questions. Details emerge of the accused being out of the state, with family and friends tasked with caring for the animals. With each count potentially representing a stark moment of suffering, the community and the justice system must respond. The call to action is clear: we demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action if neglect is found.

The scale of alleged neglect portrayed demands a resolute stance. Animal welfare is a reflection of our society’s values, and thus, we cannot remain silent. We must ensure that those in positions of power and responsibility are held accountable, advocating for the voiceless victims of alleged neglect. We implore the legal system to act with compassion and diligence, aligning with the values of justice and care for all living creatures.


Dear Arch C. McKay III,

The heart-wrenching allegations against Liam Coy have left our community in turmoil. Reportedly depicted as a most-wanted individual on the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office’s social media, he faces serious accusations of animal neglect. Yet, amidst his vociferous denials and assertions of defamation claim, there lies a greater truth to be uncovered about the well-being of six goats under his ownership. It is with a heavy heart and hopeful spirit that I write to you, seeking justice and a thorough examination of these unsettling claims.

Liam Coy’s allegations of defamation and overstatement by law enforcement complicate the case. The disparity between the number of goats and the 24 counts of neglect he faces demands scrutiny. However, beyond the numbers lies a potential tale of neglect that no animal should endure. Coy insists on the health and care of the goats, supported by family testimony. Yet, we seek to reconcile these assurances with the stark allegations presented.

We pray you to ensure a comprehensive investigation into this matter, prioritizing transparency and justice. If the investigation substantiates the allegations, we request that you take swift and firm legal action. This case stands as a pivotal moment for animal welfare in Nelson County, representing either a triumph of truth and care or a miscarriage of justice with dire consequences for the voiceless.


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Photo credit: Pixabay

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