Stop Pollution From Endangering Lives and Communities

Target: Dru Buntin, Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Mitigate air pollution in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Air pollution in St. Louis and Kansas City has reached alarming levels, posing significant health risks to residents and contributing to environmental degradation. The sources of pollution are manifold, including industrial emissions, vehicular exhaust, and even residential heating and cooking. The situation is dire and requires immediate, decisive action.

The health implications of this pollution are severe. Elevated levels of particulate matter and harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide are linked to respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and even premature death. Children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable.

Moreover, air pollution has broader environmental impacts. It contributes to climate change, harms wildlife, and degrades natural resources like water and soil. The economic consequences are also significant, affecting tourism and increasing healthcare costs.

Given the multi-faceted impact of air pollution, from public health to environmental sustainability and economic vitality, the need for immediate action is both clear and urgent.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources take immediate, comprehensive action to combat air pollution in St. Louis and Kansas City. Key actions must include stricter emission controls, the promotion of clean energy, and enhanced air quality monitoring.


Dear Director Buntin,

The escalating levels of air pollution in St. Louis and Kansas City are a public health emergency and an environmental crisis. The data is unequivocal: increased rates of respiratory illnesses heightened cardiovascular risks, and a rise in pollution-related fatalities.

The urgency of this situation mandates more than mere discussion or incremental changes. We insist on the immediate formulation and execution of a comprehensive strategy to mitigate air pollution in these cities. This plan must go beyond merely tightening emission standards; it should also promote adopting clean energy solutions and enhance air quality monitoring and public awareness programs.

Inaction or delayed action will exacerbate the already severe consequences, affecting not just individual health but also the broader environment and the economic stability of the communities. The quality of the air we breathe is not a negotiable aspect of our lives; it is a fundamental right.

We urge you to act swiftly and decisively. Implement measures that will reduce current air pollution levels and ensure long-term air quality in St. Louis and Kansas City.


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