Shield People From Storms by Preserving Barrier Islands

Target: Chris Wells, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Preserve the ecological and cultural significance of Barrier Islands.

Mississippi’s Barrier Islands, a chain of ecological treasures, are under increasing threat from a variety of sources. These islands serve as a natural buffer against storms, a habitat for diverse species, and a recreational area for residents and tourists alike. The urgency of this situation cannot be understated; it demands immediate, impactful action.

The islands are facing an onslaught of challenges that threaten their very existence. Erosion is accelerating, exacerbated by rising sea levels due to climate change. Pollution from both land and sea is contaminating these pristine environments, affecting both water quality and the health of native species. Overfishing and irresponsible tourism practices are further straining the delicate ecosystems that rely on these islands for survival.

Moreover, the consequences of neglecting these islands are dire. They serve as a frontline defense against hurricanes, absorbing the impact and reducing storm surge, thereby protecting mainland communities. The islands are also vital for coastal ecosystems, providing breeding grounds for numerous species of fish and birds. Additionally, these islands have historical and cultural significance, including ties to indigenous communities, that enrich the state’s heritage.

The islands are not just ecological strongholds; they are economic assets as well. They attract tourists, support fishing industries, and offer recreational opportunities that contribute to the local economy. Failure to protect them could result in economic decline, job losses, and reduced quality of life for the communities that depend on them.

Given the multi-dimensional importance of the Barrier Islands—from ecological and economic standpoints to their role in disaster mitigation and cultural preservation—the need for immediate, comprehensive protective measures is both clear and urgent.

Sign the petition below to urge the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality to enact immediate, comprehensive measures to protect Mississippi’s Barrier Islands. Essential actions should include erosion control, wildlife protection, and the implementation of sustainable tourism practices.


Dear Director Wells,

The ecological and cultural importance of Mississippi’s Barrier Islands is at a critical juncture. These islands are increasingly vulnerable to erosion, pollution, and the devastating effects of climate change. The evidence is compelling: loss of native flora and fauna, increased vulnerability to storms, and degradation of natural beauty.

We strongly urge you to develop and implement a multi-faceted strategy aimed at preserving these ecologically significant islands. This strategy should include robust erosion control measures, comprehensive wildlife protection plans, and guidelines for sustainable tourism that respects the islands’ natural and cultural heritage.

Failure to act promptly will have severe repercussions, affecting not just the islands themselves, but also the communities that depend on them for economic and recreational activities. These islands are not merely geographical features; they are a vital part of Mississippi’s ecological and cultural fabric.

We implore you to act with the urgency this grave situation warrants. Implement protective measures that will not only address the immediate threats, but also ensure the long-term sustainability of Mississippi’s Barrier Islands.


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Photo credit: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

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