Conserve Bottomland Hardwood Forests For Flood Protection

Target: Krissa Easley, Director of Communications & Outreach – Mississippi Forestry Commission

Goal: Protect and sustain Mississippi’s Bottomland Hardwood Forests.

Mississippi’s Bottomland Hardwood Forests are a unique and vital ecological asset that is currently facing a multitude of threats. These forests serve as a habitat for a diverse range of species, act as natural flood control systems, and are a source of economic livelihood for many communities. The situation is critical and requires immediate, effective intervention.

These forests are increasingly being fragmented and degraded due to unsustainable logging practices, agricultural expansion, and urban development. The loss of these forests has a cascading effect on the environment, leading to increased flooding, loss of biodiversity, and the emission of stored carbon, exacerbating climate change.

Moreover, these forests have cultural and historical significance, particularly for indigenous communities and local populations who have relied on them for generations. The forests also offer recreational opportunities and are a source of educational and scientific research.

The economic implications are equally significant. These forests support various industries, including timber, tourism, and non-timber forest products. The degradation of these forests would not only lead to environmental loss, but also have a detrimental impact on the local economy.

Given the multi-faceted importance of the Bottomland Hardwood Forests, the need for immediate, comprehensive conservation measures is both urgent and undeniable.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Mississippi Forestry Commission enact immediate, comprehensive measures to conserve Mississippi’s Bottomland Hardwood Forests. Key actions must include sustainable logging practices, habitat restoration, and the establishment of protected areas.


Dear Director Easley,

The Bottomland Hardwood Forests of Mississippi are at a critical point, facing threats from unsustainable logging, agricultural expansion, and urban encroachment. The data is alarming: rapid loss of forest cover, decline in native species, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters like flooding.

The situation warrants immediate and comprehensive intervention. This strategy should encompass sustainable logging practices, habitat restoration, and the establishment of protected areas to ensure long-term conservation.

Failure to act swiftly will have severe consequences, affecting not just the forests but also the communities that rely on them for their livelihoods and well-being. These forests are more than just an ecological asset; they are an integral part of Mississippi’s cultural and economic landscape.

We urge you to act decisively and without delay. Implement conservation measures that will not only mitigate the current threats, but also ensure the long-term sustainability of Mississippi’s Bottomland Hardwood Forests.


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Photo credit: Joshua Mayer

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