Dog Reduced to a Skeleton Due to Alleged Abuse By Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Dr. Mohd Nordin, Chairman of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation

Goal: Bring justice to a dog allegedly starved nearly to death by owner.

Jeremiah, commonly known as Jerry, reportedly suffered grave neglect outside a residence in Malaysia. Discovered by the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR), Jerry exhibited a malnourished physique, visibly protruding ribs and pelvic bones. Wearing a blue collar, Jerry remained close to a specific domicile, indicating ownership. A cursory examination reportedly revealed a swollen cheek and difficulty walking.

Upon MIAR’s intervention, disagreements erupted between the group and the alleged owner who refused relinquishment of Jerry. Various accounts mention Jerry scrounging for sustenance in waste containers, further complicating ownership claims. Finally, MIAR took charge of Jerry and promptly secured veterinary care. A grim diagnosis reportedly followed: maggot infestation in Jerry’s mouth, paws, and legs. Maggots are believed to have originated from a tumor in the dog’s mouth, explaining his inability to consume food. Blood tests indicate a high infection rate, but Jerry now receives antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

This reported abuse constitutes not only a tragic incident, but a flagrant violation of Malaysian animal welfare laws. Apparent negligence of this magnitude requires immediate intervention. Jerry’s reported ordeal underscores the urgent necessity for resource allocation towards preventive measures against such animal abuse, as well as punitive measures against perpetrators. Let’s take action now.


Dear Dr. Mohd Nordin,

We write this petition to bring to your attention the heartbreaking case of reported animal neglect involving a dog named Jeremiah in Malaysia. Circumstantial evidence paints a disturbing portrait of negligence and cruelty allegedly by his owner.

As Minister of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, we beseech you to allocate the necessary resources for a thorough investigation into this matter. Immediate veterinary attention is required for Jerry’s rehabilitation, but it remains equally crucial to take legal action against the individual responsible for this gross mistreatment.

Your office bears the weight of creating an environment where such apparent abuse finds no refuge. We, concerned citizens and advocates for animal rights, insist on swift, decisive action. Allow this incident to set a precedent that Malaysia won’t tolerate animal abuse, for justice must hold sway.


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Photo credit: Nancy Hunter

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