Stop Algae Blooms to Ensure Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Target: Commissioner Brian C. Rockensuess, Indiana State Environmental Agencies and Authorities

Goal: Safeguard water quality in Indiana’s lakes and rivers.

Water quality in Indiana’s lakes and rivers is at a critical juncture. Pollution and contamination threaten the delicate ecosystems and the health of communities that rely on these vital water sources. Recent reports reveal disturbing levels of pollutants and harmful algae blooms, indicating a dire need for immediate intervention.

The degradation of water quality poses severe risks to aquatic life, drinking water supplies, and recreational activities. The indiscriminate disposal of pollutants into these water bodies further exacerbates the problem, endangering the health of the environment and the citizens.

Indiana has a responsibility to protect these invaluable natural resources, ensuring clean and safe water for all. Failing to address these water quality issues now will have far-reaching consequences, impacting not only the environment, but also the economic and social well-being of the communities.

Sign the petition below to demand that Indiana’s environmental agencies take immediate and comprehensive action to address water quality issues in the state’s lakes and rivers, safeguarding the health of the environment and the citizens.


To Commissioner Rockensuess,

We are writing to express deep concern about the deteriorating water quality in Indiana’s lakes and rivers. The recent findings of pollution levels and harmful algae blooms are alarming. This situation demands immediate attention and action.

Clean water is a fundamental human right, and the lakes and rivers are not just natural treasures but lifelines for communities across Indiana. It is crucial that you act swiftly to implement effective measures to curb pollution, protect aquatic life, and ensure safe and clean water for all.

We urge you to allocate resources, enforce stricter regulations, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to address these pressing water quality issues. The health of the environment and the well-being of the communities depend on your decisive action.


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