Justice for Puppy Allegedly Abandoned and Injured Outside Shelter

Target: Ashley Hornsby Welch, District Attorney for Swain County, NC

Goal: Prosecute man accused of abandoning and causing injury to defenseless puppy to fullest extent.

A small puppy became the focus of a week-long search in a rural North Carolina town. Video captured a man allegedly driving up to an animal shelter and throwing the puppy out the window before taking off. While it took some time for worried shelter workers to locate the pup, he was eventually found bruised and malnourished but alive. The rough manner of the alleged abandonment had also apparently caused some bone fractures.

David Paul George has since been reportedly identified as the person in the video. He has been charged with animal cruelty and abandonment. The puppy, now named Apollo, is in recovery and has already drawn much interest for future adoption.

While his harrowing journey has a happy ending, he now needs the full measure of justice. Sign the petition below to demand the maximum penalty be sought in this disturbing case.


Dear DA Welch,

Swain County lacks a real animal control or ordinance structure and relies solely on the good work of one shelter. These unfortunate circumstances have compounded the potential for acts of brazen abandonment and cruelty while making the mission of this shelter all the more difficult. The recent case involving the alleged abandonment and subsequent search for Apollo the puppy highlights this problem.

“This morning, even though our gate was open he chose to sling a puppy out the window.” This is how a shelter representative described the circumstances that brought Apollo to attention. When he was located, the young animal had reportedly endured malnourishment, bone fractures, and other threats to his health.

David Paul George, the man charged in this incident, should face full repercussions if he is found guilty of this egregious act. Please send a message that in Swain County, innocent animals still matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PAWS Bryson City


  1. This lame piece of crap couldn’t even be bothered to stop and take the poor pup into the shelter and surrender him properly? No thought for the life of the dog at all so let’s not pretend his life is worth much either. Fines. big fines, some jail, lifetime ban on animal contact and those are things I can put in print. He’s a lowlife loser.

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