Save the Connecticut River Watershed From Pollution

Target: Commissioner Katie Dykes, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Goal: Mobilize immediate efforts to safeguard the Connecticut River Watershed.

The Connecticut River Watershed, a vital ecological and economic resource, faces escalating threats to its well-being. The watershed’s diverse ecosystem, including wetlands, forests, and river habitats, has long provided refuge for countless species and sustained local communities. However, the unrelenting pressures of urbanization, pollution, and climate change have inflicted substantial damage to this invaluable natural asset.

Rapid urban expansion, accompanied by increased infrastructure development, continues to encroach upon the watershed’s fragile ecosystems. The degradation of water quality, loss of vital wetlands, and habitat fragmentation imperil the very essence of this ecosystem. Such disruptions exacerbate the risks associated with extreme weather events and the inexorable impacts of climate change, putting both nature and communities at risk.

Without prompt intervention, the Connecticut River Watershed faces an alarming future, marked by diminishing biodiversity, compromised water quality, and diminished resilience against environmental challenges.

Sign the petition below to demand resolute action in the protection and restoration of the Connecticut River Watershed.


Dear Commissioner Dykes,

We write to you on behalf of the Connecticut River Watershed, a crucial and delicate ecosystem under mounting duress. The watershed’s unique blend of biodiversity, natural beauty, and vital resources are in grave jeopardy.

The unchecked sprawl of urban development, escalating pollution, and the looming specter of climate change present an imminent threat. The resulting habitat degradation, water contamination, and ecosystem fragmentation endanger the ecological integrity of the watershed. Additionally, the vulnerability of local communities to extreme weather events is amplified.

We urge you to lead the charge in preserving this invaluable natural heritage. Immediate, comprehensive action is imperative to halt the ongoing damage and to foster the revitalization of this essential ecosystem. The future of the Connecticut River Watershed hinges upon our collective commitment to conservation.


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Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

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