Protect Coastal Communities From the Impact of Sea-Level Rise

Target: Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut

Goal: Mitigate the effects of sea-level rise on the coastal communities.

Connecticut’s picturesque coastal communities are facing an imminent threat that demands immediate attention. Sea-level rise, driven by climate change, poses a relentless challenge to the state’s shoreline areas. Coastal erosion, inundation, and the encroaching sea threaten the very existence of these communities.

The consequences of inaction are dire, not only for the residents, but also for Connecticut’s economy and environmental diversity. The delicate balance of the coastal ecosystems is unraveling as habitats are lost, putting local wildlife in jeopardy.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate, comprehensive action from the Connecticut State Legislature. It’s imperative to prioritize the protection of the coastal communities through robust policies, sustainable development practices, and climate-resilient infrastructure. A collective voice can drive change and safeguard the future of Connecticut’s coastal regions.


Dear Governor Lamont,

The urgency of our plea cannot be overstated. Connecticut’s coastal communities are under siege from the relentless advance of sea-level rise. The very essence of our state’s identity and heritage is at stake.

The latest scientific assessments indicate a notable acceleration in sea-level rise, and its impacts are no longer a distant concern. Our coastal towns, rich in history and culture, now grapple with the daily reality of saltwater intrusion, property damage, and economic turmoil. The livelihoods of countless residents are at risk, with businesses, homes, and critical infrastructure succumbing to the relentless advance of the sea.

We implore you to act decisively, allocating resources for research, planning, and implementation of sustainable solutions. We need stringent coastal zoning regulations, investment in climate-resilient infrastructure, and support for communities vulnerable to sea-level rise. The time for action is now.


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