Halt Ski Resort Development to Preserve Mountain Ecosystems

Target: Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado

Goal: Suspend ski resort development and prioritize the protection of fragile mountain ecosystems.

The mountain ecosystems of Colorado, renowned for their biodiversity and scenic beauty, face an imminent threat. Rapid ski resort development, driven by economic interests, jeopardizes the very landscapes that draw visitors to the state. These ecosystems provide critical habitat for diverse wildlife, including threatened species, and play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance.

Expanding ski resort infrastructure has led to deforestation, soil erosion, disruption of wildlife migration routes, and water pollution in the pristine mountain environments. The delicate alpine ecosystems are struggling to cope with the onslaught of construction, which is altering their natural patterns and pushing species to the brink.

The Colorado wilderness, once celebrated for its untouched splendor, is rapidly being transformed into an industrialized playground. The long-term consequences of this unchecked development threaten not only the environment, but also the very economic interests it purports to serve.

Sign the petition below to demand an immediate suspension of ski resort development in Colorado’s mountain regions.


Dear Governor Polis,

We urgently implore you to halt ski resort development in Colorado’s mountain ecosystems. These regions are not merely playgrounds for profit but invaluable ecological treasures that demand our protection.

The ongoing expansion of ski resorts is exacting a heavy toll on our mountains, with deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and pollution eroding the integrity of these ecosystems. This unrestrained development undermines the very essence of Colorado’s natural beauty and disrupts the delicate balance of life that thrives in these high-altitude realms.

We urge you to reconsider the current trajectory and put the preservation of our mountain ecosystems at the forefront of your priorities. Sustainability and conservation should guide our actions, ensuring that future generations can revel in the untouched majesty of our state.


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Photo Credit: Mike McBey

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