Safeguard Mobile Bay’s Oyster Reefs From Coastal Erosion

Target: Christopher M. Blankenship, Commissioner of Conservation of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Goal: Implement immediate measures to protect and restore the oyster reefs and counteract coastal erosion.

The oyster reefs of Mobile Bay, Alabama, are facing a perilous threat in the form of relentless coastal erosion. Over the years, these vital natural formations have acted as essential barriers, guarding the coastline against erosion while nurturing diverse marine ecosystems. However, as the encroaching waves erode the shoreline, the integrity of these reefs is progressively undermined.

The gradual erosion not only endangers the oyster reefs themselves, but also the countless species reliant on this delicate ecosystem for their habitat and sustenance. Without swift intervention, irrevocable damage may be caused to the coastline while losing valuable oyster habitats and disrupting ecological balance.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate and comprehensive action to protect Mobile Bay’s oyster reefs and combat the coastal erosion threatening this vital natural resource.


Dear Commissioner Blankenship,

The oyster reefs of Mobile Bay have stood as guardians of the coastline for generations, offering crucial protection against the relentless forces of coastal erosion. These vital natural formations not only serve as sentinels for the shores, but also provide essential habitats for a diverse array of marine life.

Yet, as the tides of erosion continue to encroach, we stand at the precipice of losing not only these remarkable reefs but also the ecosystems they support. The repercussions of this loss would extend far beyond the boundaries of Mobile Bay, affecting both the environment and the communities that depend on these coastal resources.

We, the undersigned, implore you to take swift and decisive action to safeguard Mobile Bay’s oyster reefs. Implementing measures to counter coastal erosion and promoting the restoration of these invaluable natural formations is not just an environmental imperative, but a duty to the shared heritage and the wellbeing of the coastal ecosystems.


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Photo Credit: VA Institute of Marine Science

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