Restore the Salton Sea to Protect Wildlife and Human Communities

Target: Karen Bass, Mayor of California

Goal: Take immediate action to restore the deteriorating Salton Sea ecosystem.

The Salton Sea, once a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, now faces an unprecedented crisis. The ecological balance of this vital region has been steadily eroding, with dire consequences for both wildlife and human communities.

Historically, the Salton Sea has served as a critical stopover point for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway. It has supported a rich diversity of wildlife, making it an ecological treasure. However, in recent years, this ecosystem has been in a state of rapid decline.

The primary cause of this crisis is the reduction in water inflows due to water diversion and management changes. As the Salton Sea’s water levels continue to recede, toxic dust from exposed lakebeds poses a severe threat to air quality and public health in neighboring areas. The loss of the Salton Sea’s ecological functions also disrupts the delicate balance of the region’s ecosystems.

The consequences are far-reaching, affecting the health and well-being of both wildlife and the people residing in the area. Urgent action is needed to restore this fragile ecosystem and prevent further ecological and public health crises.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate and comprehensive action to restore the Salton Sea, safeguard its unique ecosystem, and protect the health of the surrounding communities.


Dear Mayor Bass,

The Salton Sea, once a thriving ecosystem teeming with life, is now facing a catastrophic decline that demands your immediate attention and action.

This precious ecological treasure has been steadily deteriorating due to reduced water inflows and mismanagement. The consequences are dire, affecting not only the region’s wildlife, but also the health of communities living in proximity to the Salton Sea. The proliferation of toxic dust from the exposed lakebeds poses an imminent threat to air quality and public health.

We implore you to act swiftly and decisively to restore the Salton Sea ecosystem. The decline of this vital region not only imperils wildlife, but also disrupts the intricate balance of the area’s ecosystems.

The Salton Sea’s recovery is not just an ecological imperative; it’s a moral duty to protect the health and well-being of both wildlife and the people who call this region home.


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