Stop Clearcutting Ozark National Forest

Target: Lori Wood, Forest Supervisor of the Ozark National Forest Management

Goal: Cease clearcutting activities in the Ozark National Forest immediately and transition to sustainable forest management practices.

The Ozark National Forest, a precious natural treasure spanning across Arkansas, is currently facing an environmental crisis of substantial proportions. The extensive clearcutting operations underway have cast a shadow of concern over the ecological well-being of this invaluable forest ecosystem.

The long-term consequences of these clearcutting activities are far-reaching, impacting not only the forest’s biodiversity but also the local communities dependent on its sustainability. It is a matter of grave concern that these actions, under the banner of forest management, are causing irreparable harm to the delicate balance of life within the Ozark National Forest.

In the name of economic gain, the pristine beauty of this forest is being scarred. The indiscriminate removal of trees and destruction of habitats threaten numerous species that call the Ozark National Forest their home. Furthermore, it jeopardizes the forest’s ability to sequester carbon, a critical defense against climate change.

Sign the petition below to demand an immediate cessation of clearcutting in the Ozark National Forest.


To Supervisor Wood,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the ongoing clearcutting activities in the Ozark National Forest. This pristine wilderness holds immeasurable ecological value, and it is the collective responsibility to ensure its protection.

The current approach to forest management in the Ozark National Forest raises serious environmental and social concerns. Clearcutting disrupts the intricate web of life within the forest, displacing countless species and eroding the unique biodiversity of this region. Moreover, it threatens the livelihoods of those who rely on the forest’s resources and services.

We implore you to reconsider your current practices and transition to sustainable forest management methods that prioritize conservation and long-term ecological health. The Ozark National Forest deserves nothing less than the utmost commitment to its preservation.


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Photo Credit: Ozark Drones

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  1. Nome clear cutting the Ozark, or any other forest. If we need toilet paper then let the industry plant trees which can be harvested in a few years. No clear cutting in our forest! If we are to build then we must force industry to develop other resources than natural lumber.

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