Mitigate Uncontrolled Light Pollution to Preserve Night Skies

Target: Kate Gallego, Mayor of Phoenix

Goal: Mitigate light pollution and safeguard the pristine beauty of the night skies.

Arizona, celebrated for its mesmerizing desert landscapes and prestigious observatories, confronts a growing menace: light pollution. This escalating issue stems from the unbridled spread of artificial illumination across the state. The consequence is twofold, as it not only veils the splendor of Arizona’s natural beauty, but also wreaks havoc on both ecosystems and human health.

The pristine allure of Arizona’s night skies, once a source of inspiration and wonder for generations, is increasingly marred by an invasive glow from urban centers and unchecked outdoor lighting. This luminous veil obscures the celestial panorama, diminishing the ability to view stars, planets, and other celestial wonders. For astronomers and stargazers alike, this encroaching brightness threatens the very essence of Arizona’s renowned observatories and their vital contributions to scientific exploration.

The inordinate illumination emanating from urban areas blinds us to the breathtaking celestial displays that have enthralled generations. It impacts nocturnal creatures, disturbing their natural behaviors and jeopardizing delicate ecosystems. Moreover, the harsh glare of excessive lighting detrimentally affects human circadian rhythms, contributing to sleep disorders and diminished well-being.

The vibrant state has a responsibility to curtail this encroaching menace. By neglecting to regulate outdoor lighting, the very essence of the unique and captivating night skies is jeopardized, endangering not just the heritage but the future generations’ connection to the cosmos.

Sign the petition below to demand swift legislative action to mitigate light pollution in Arizona, ensuring the night skies remain a source of wonder and inspiration for all.


Honorable Mayor Gallego,

The night skies of Arizona, steeped in both natural beauty and scientific significance, are under siege. The relentless intrusion of artificial light has obscured the celestial wonders that have graced the desert horizons for eons. This incursion into the nocturnal realm extends far beyond an aesthetic concern; it threatens wildlife, and imperils human health.

Furthermore, light pollution disrupts ecosystems, affecting wildlife behavior and migration patterns. It disorients nocturnal creatures, impacting their survival and ecological balance. Additionally, excessive artificial light at night has been linked to human health issues, including sleep disturbances and increased risks of chronic diseases.

In the face of these challenges, urgent action is imperative to combat light pollution. Preserve Arizona’s captivating natural landscapes, safeguard vital research facilities, and promote the well-being of both its wildlife and residents.

As residents of this remarkable state, we beseech you to take resolute action. Enact and enforce regulations that rein in light pollution, preserving the pristine splendor of the night skies for generations to come. Let Arizona’s legacy not be one of lost stars but of enlightened stewardship.


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[Photo Credit: Coconino National Forest, Ariz

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