Combat Ocean Acidification Impacting Marine Ecosystems

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Mitigate ocean acidification’s adverse effects on Alaska’s vital marine ecosystems.

Ocean acidification poses an existential threat to Alaska’s rich marine ecosystems. Alarming trends reveal a relentless increase in acidity levels in the oceans, primarily driven by excessive carbon dioxide emissions. This phenomenon jeopardizes the very foundation of the state’s maritime life, profoundly impacting the diverse species and ecosystems that depend on its health.

Over time, heightened acidity levels hinder the ability of marine organisms to form and maintain their protective shells and skeletons, leaving species such as crabs, clams, and certain types of plankton increasingly vulnerable. These organisms, in turn, support a complex food web that sustains iconic Alaska wildlife like salmon and whales.

Moreover, ocean acidification has the potential to disrupt Alaska’s commercial and subsistence fisheries, endangering the livelihoods of countless individuals and communities. It is imperative to understand that this issue extends beyond ecological concerns; it poses an imminent economic and cultural crisis for the state.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate implementation of robust strategies and policies to combat ocean acidification in Alaska’s waters.


Dear Administrator Regan,

The urgency of the matter at hand cannot be overstated. Alaska’s marine ecosystems, which underpin the cultural heritage and economic prosperity, are under siege from the relentless advance of ocean acidification. As the Administrator of the EPA, you hold a pivotal role in addressing this pressing environmental crisis.

The consequences of inaction are dire. Ocean acidification threatens the very existence of Alaska’s iconic marine species and the delicate balance of the underwater ecosystems. The repercussions ripple throughout the society, impacting the livelihoods of countless Alaskans who depend on the health of the oceans for their sustenance and economic well-being.

We implore you to lead the charge in implementing comprehensive strategies to curb ocean acidification, including the reduction of carbon emissions and the development of monitoring and mitigation measures tailored to the unique coastal environment.

This is a defining moment for Alaska’s marine ecosystems, and we look to you to ensure their protection and preservation for generations to come.


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