Protect Denali National Park From Irresponsible Tourism

Target: Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Encourage responsible tourism in Denali National Park, safeguarding its pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife.

Denali National Park, a natural jewel in the heart of Alaska, faces escalating threats due to unsustainable tourism practices. The fragile ecosystem of this remarkable wilderness is at risk. The surge in visitors, driven by an eagerness to witness its unparalleled beauty, is inadvertently endangering the very splendor they seek.

Excessive human intrusion, off-road vehicle misuse, and littering are compromising the delicate balance of this habitat. Unregulated tour operators disturb the peace of this pristine landscape, disrupting the natural behaviors of native wildlife and threatening their survival.

Inadequate regulations and enforcement exacerbate these issues, allowing disregard for park guidelines to persist. The problem extends to waste management, as overflowing landfills mar the natural beauty and disturb the park’s ecological integrity.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action to preserve Denali National Park for future generations. Advocate for stringent regulations and enforcement to ensure responsible tourism practices are upheld.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

Denali National Park, a sanctuary of unrivaled beauty and biodiversity, demands the utmost care and attention. The remarkable wilderness it represents is under siege due to escalating tourism that often disregards its fragility.

We implore you to exercise your authority to enact and enforce stringent regulations that promote responsible tourism. It is imperative that the park’s pristine landscapes remain unspoiled, its wildlife undisturbed, and its future secured for generations to come.

We seek the assurance that off-road vehicle misuse, excessive human intrusion, and disrespect of park guidelines will not go unchecked. Swift action is needed to regulate tour operators and ensure their activities do not disrupt the natural behaviors of native wildlife.

Additionally, waste management must be addressed with urgency, preventing the accumulation of refuse that tarnishes the park’s natural beauty and disrupts its ecological balance.

Your leadership can make a difference in preserving Denali’s grandeur for posterity. We implore you to take immediate steps to safeguard this national treasure.


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Photo Credit: Ryan Holliday (Wrh2)

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