Preserve Biodiverse Rivers and Streams From Degradation

Target: Lance R. LeFleur, Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Goal: Safeguard Alabama’s biodiverse rivers and streams.

Alabama’s remarkable aquatic ecosystems, renowned for their diversity and unique inhabitants, are confronting a pressing and ominous challenge. These invaluable ecosystems, ranging from vibrant rivers to pristine wetlands, harbor an astonishing variety of plant and animal species, contributing to the state’s ecological richness. However, this ecological treasure trove is now under siege.

The looming threat takes the form of pervasive pollution and subpar water management practices. These actions endanger the delicate balance of these aquatic environments, jeopardizing the very biodiversity that makes them exceptional. From endangered species to vital aquatic plants, the repercussions of inaction could be severe and possibly irreversible.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management prioritize and implement rigorous clean water initiatives.


Dear Director LeFleur,

The ecological wealth of Alabama is in peril. Rivers and streams that serve as vital habitats for countless species are under siege due to contamination and unsustainable water practices. The urgent need for comprehensive clean water initiatives cannot be overstated.

These precious waterways are not only vital for the biodiversity they sustain but also for the communities that rely on them for sustenance and recreation. A failure to act decisively places these invaluable resources in jeopardy, endangering the very fabric of the natural heritage.

To safeguard these vital ecosystems and the countless species that rely on them, concerted action is imperative. Conservation efforts, stricter pollution controls, and sustainable water management practices are essential. Preserving Alabama’s aquatic treasures is not just a matter of environmental stewardship; it’s a commitment to ensuring a legacy of biodiversity and natural wonder for generations to come.

We implore you to prioritize and swiftly implement measures to preserve the integrity of Alabama’s rivers and streams. The responsibility to protect the environment and its inhabitants rests with us, and we must not falter in this crucial endeavor.


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Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM

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