Stop Soil Erosion From Destroying Irreplaceable Farmland

Target: Beth Geer, Director of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Goal: Mitigate soil erosion in the Tennessee Valley.

Soil erosion, a silent but relentless adversary, imperils the very foundation of the Tennessee Valley’s agricultural landscape. Across the valley, precious topsoil is vanishing, eroded by wind and water, leaving a trail of degraded lands and ecological imbalances. The consequences ripple through the communities, impacting both livelihoods and ecosystems.

Rising sedimentation in the rivers and streams, caused by unchecked soil erosion, jeopardizes water quality and aquatic habitats. Farms, once fertile, are losing their productivity, threatening food security and economic stability. The root of the issue often lies in unsustainable farming practices, inadequate soil management, and deforestation.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Tennessee Valley Authority commits to actively promoting and supporting sustainable farming practices.


Dear Director Geer,

The Tennessee Valley’s agricultural legacy is at a crossroads. Soil erosion, driven by unmitigated factors, undermines the vitality of the farmlands and the health of our waterways. It is imperative that we act decisively to address this pressing issue.

We beseech you to champion the cause of sustainable farming practices across the Tennessee Valley. By promoting techniques like cover cropping, contour farming, and reforestation, we can stem the tide of soil erosion, preserving the precious topsoil and ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture in the region.

Furthermore, we urge the TVA to provide resources and incentives for farmers to adopt these sustainable practices. Education and support are essential in transitioning to methods that conserve the soil and protect the waters.

In safeguarding the Tennessee Valley’s agricultural heritage, we safeguard its communities, biodiversity, and resilience in the face of environmental challenges. Let us work together to cultivate a sustainable, thriving future for the Tennessee Valley.


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Photo Credit: David Berry

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