Stop Online Child Abuse on Virtual Reality Platforms

Target: Ms. Suella Braverman, Home Secretary of the United Kingdom

Goal: Prevent child sexual abuse in virtual reality environments.

Emerging evidence has surfaced, allegedly revealing that pedophiles are exploiting virtual reality (VR) platforms to endanger children through sexual abuse, according to a disturbing investigation by the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), supported by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The findings, substantiated by the NCA, underscore a concerning lack of age verification and regulatory oversight, which enables perpetrators to create digital spaces like strip clubs that put children at risk of exploitation.

The immersive nature of VR desensitizes both the abuser and victim, employing avatars to establish fabricated identities for perpetrating abuse. This insidious technique exacerbates the severity of the issue.

One convicted offender allegedly confessed to authorities that using a VR headset to engage in paedophilic activities was “stupidly easy,” providing disturbing access to a realm of child exploitation.

Moreover, sophisticated technologies such as “phantom” or “simulated” touch are being used to benefit abusers, giving them the tactile sensation of contact without the victim’s consent, adding a new dimension to their sinister activities.

The urgency of this issue cannot be understated. The intersection of technology and child exploitation demands immediate attention and decisive action. Take action now.


Dear Ms. Braverman,

We write to you with great concern and urgency regarding the alarming findings of an investigation by the NSPCC, reportedly supported by the National Crime Agency (NCA), uncovering the distressing exploitation of virtual reality (VR) environments for the sexual abuse of children.

The alleged misuse of VR technology to create spaces where children are subjected to harm is a deeply disturbing revelation. The purported lack of age verification and regulatory measures enables perpetrators to evade detection and operate with impunity.

We urge you, as the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, to take decisive steps to address this pressing issue. We call for the swift implementation of stringent regulations that ensure thorough age verification processes and comprehensive oversight of VR platforms. Additionally, we advocate for increased penalties for those found guilty of exploiting children through these emerging technologies.

The immersive nature of VR environments coupled with the use of avatars presents unique challenges that necessitate immediate action to safeguard the well-being and innocence of our youth. By taking a proactive stance and enacting robust regulations, we can collectively prevent the abuse of technology for heinous acts.

We implore you to demonstrate strong leadership and commitment to protecting our children from the dangers posed by virtual reality exploitation. Let the United Kingdom stand as a beacon of safety and security for its most vulnerable citizens.


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Photo credit: Maxim Hopman

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