Woman Allegedly Physically Abused By Soccer Player Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Ednaldo Rodrigues, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF)

Goal: Address allegations of abuse and ensure integrity within Brazilian soccer.

Recent allegations of abuse involving Manchester United winger Antony have raised concerns that demand immediate attention. The Brazilian soccer player reportedly stands accused of attacking his former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, with a headbutt in a Manchester hotel room. The seriousness of these allegations necessitates a thorough and impartial investigation to uncover the truth.

The Brazilian Football Federation’s decision to drop Antony from the squad in response to the allegations reflects the gravity of the situation. Reports suggest that both Brazilian and British authorities are investigating the claims, reinforcing the need for a comprehensive examination of the circumstances.

In light of Antony’s denial of the allegations and his assertion of innocence, it is crucial to maintain a balanced perspective while pursuing justice. The Brazilian Football Confederation, as the governing body for soccer in the country, must address this issue with transparency and integrity. Take action now.


Dear Mr. Rodrigues,

We are writing to express our deep concern regarding the recent allegations involving Manchester United winger Antony. The accusations of abuse brought against him by his former girlfriend have raised serious questions about the safety and integrity of Brazilian soccer.

The allegations, reportedly involving physical aggression against Gabriela Cavallin, underscore the need for a robust response from the Brazilian Football Confederation. We urge you, as the President of the CBF, to prioritize the investigation of these allegations and to ensure that justice is served impartially.

In a situation like this, where allegations of abuse arise, it is of paramount importance to maintain transparency and integrity. We implore you to closely monitor the ongoing investigations and to take appropriate action based on the findings. Stricter measures must be in place to address such allegations swiftly and effectively.

We understand the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” and we seek a balanced approach that respects the rights of both parties involved. At the same time, it is crucial to demonstrate a commitment to addressing any form of misconduct within Brazilian soccer.

By taking a strong stance against any misconduct and implementing stricter regulations, the Brazilian Football Confederation can underscore its dedication to maintaining the highest ethical standards within the sport.

We urge you to use your authority to ensure that this situation is treated seriously. Let this case be a reminder that integrity, accountability, and transparency are non-negotiable values that must be upheld in Brazilian soccer.


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Photo credit: Diego San

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