Don’t Push Florida Manatees to the Brink of Extinction

Target: Shawn Hamilton, Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Ensure the immediate preservation of Florida manatees, safeguarding their survival and the ecological balance of their environment.

The Florida manatee, a gentle and iconic marine creature, is facing a perilous threat to its very existence. These magnificent beings rely on specific habitats along Florida’s coastline, and the ongoing degradation of these areas endangers their future. It is imperative that decisive action is taken to safeguard the critical habitats that these manatees depend upon.

Florida’s unique coastal waters play an irreplaceable role in the survival of these endangered creatures. The loss of their habitat due to human activities, coastal development, and the degradation of water quality is pushing them further toward the brink of extinction. The survival of these marine mammals is not only a matter of preserving biodiversity but also an indicator of the overall health of the coastal ecosystems.

Sign the petition below to demand the Florida Department of Environmental Protection prioritize the preservation and restoration of the vital habitats that sustain Florida manatees.


Dear Secretary Hamilton,

The plight of Florida manatees hangs in the balance, and the critical habitats they depend on are vanishing before our eyes. These gentle marine creatures are more than just symbols of our coastline; they are integral to the ecological tapestry that sustains life in our coastal waters. As concerned global citizens, we implore you to take immediate action to protect and restore these vital habitats.

The degradation of these habitats due to human activity and coastal development has pushed the Florida manatee to the brink of extinction. We urge you to recognize the urgency of this situation and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the survival of these majestic beings and the delicate balance of our coastal ecosystems.

By prioritizing the preservation of critical manatee habitats, you not only secure the future of a remarkable species but also demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of our natural environment as a whole.


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Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey

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