Family Cat Allegedly Killed on Camera Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Chuck Lovell, Chief of the Portland Police Bureau, Oregon, USA

Goal: Ensure a swift investigation into the alleged attack on a family cat, caught on video, and hold the responsible individuals accountable for their heinous actions.

A disturbing incident of alleged animal cruelty has shocked the community in Portland, Oregon. A beloved family cat named Nicklas was reportedly subjected to a vicious attack by an unleashed dog and a man on a bike, as captured in a graphic video. The feline’s life was allegedly ended, leaving the Rosu family devastated and calling for justice.

The video footage, which circulated widely, allegedly shows the dog running onto the Rosu’s property, followed by a man on a bike. The cat, 17-year-old Nicklas, was allegedly terrorized by the dog while the man allegedly proceeded to stomp on and use his bike to cause further harm to the defenseless animal. The incident culminated with the man reportedly “finishing off” the wounded cat and absconding with its body.

This heart-wrenching incident highlights the urgent need for action to address such acts of alleged cruelty against animals and to ensure that those responsible are held accountable under the law. Demand action now.


Dear Chief Chuck Lovell,

We are writing to express our deep shock and outrage regarding the reported vicious attack on a beloved family cat named Nicklas in Portland, Oregon. The seemingly disturbing incident, captured on video, has left our community appalled and saddened, and we demand that immediate action be taken to address this apparently heinous act of animal cruelty.

The graphic video footage reportedly shows the cat being subjected to a brutal attack by an unleashed dog and a man on a bike. The man’s alleged actions, including stomping on and using his bike to inflict harm on the defenseless animal, are deeply distressing. The incident culminated with the man reportedly ending the cat’s life and taking its body away, leaving the Rosu family in a state of shock and grief.

We implore you, as the Chief of the Portland Police Bureau, to initiate a thorough and swift investigation into this matter. It is crucial that the responsible individuals are identified and held accountable for their actions. The cruelty inflicted upon an innocent animal is not only morally reprehensible but also a criminal offense.

Our community stands united in demanding justice for Nicklas. We believe that it is your responsibility to ensure that acts of animal cruelty are met with the appropriate legal consequences. By addressing this incident promptly and effectively, you will send a clear message that such acts will not be tolerated in our society.

We trust that you will prioritize this case and allocate the necessary resources to investigate and bring those responsible to justice. The Rosu family deserves closure and the assurance that their beloved cat did not die in vain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Владимир Васильев


  1. This is a tragedy! The biker needs to face a number 5 felony! His actions were despicable. How would he feel if someone did this to him? He needs prison and his dog needs rehabilitation if possible. Sadly the dog can not be rehired unless proven to be non aggressive.
    This horrible man need not pay e forced to pay for medical intervention as the cat died but he needs to be held completely responsible. He is fully accountable. He is on video!!!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    This dirty monster needs to pay restitution to the family for his ugly heinous act! He needs to spend time in jail. What a horrible person to do such a despicable thing to an innocent animal!!

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