Six Blind Puppies Reportedly Stuffed in Bag and Abandoned Deserve Justice

Target: Joanna McClinton, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Goal: Support strengthening laws against abandonment of pet animals.

Thanks to two Pennsylvania police officers, half a dozen defenseless puppies were reportedly saved from a bleak fate. The officers pulled up behind a vehicle where the driver was seemingly preparing to throw a bag off an embankment. When cries and squeals were reportedly heard coming from the bag, the officers intervened and found the young pups (who were also blind) inside. These animals (along with their parents) have since been removed from the driver’s residence, and the driver has been held on suspicion of animal cruelty.

Tragically, countless pets are abandoned every year in America. Many end up on roadsides, in fields, in public spaces of all types, and eventually dead. If a caretaker has not made arrangements to rehome a pet or give the animal to a shelter, then that person could be charged with animal abandonment in almost all states. But some states apparently take this insidious offense more seriously than others, levying felony charges and potential prison sentences. Pennsylvania, where the aforementioned alleged incident took place, is not one of those states. Individuals found guilty of this crime only have to pay a fine, usually for as little as $300.

Sign the petition below to demand stronger protections for abandoned and at-risk animals.


Dear Speaker McClinton,

When six blind puppies found in an enclosed bag were rescued from alleged abandonment by police officers, they were the lucky ones. Far too many abandoned animals are left defenseless on roadsides and in other harsh environments for which they have no preparation. Abandonment is an offense as cruel and often deadly as any traditional act of animal cruelty.

Pennsylvania, however, seemingly has a different view. Under sections 459-601 of the state’s animal cruelty statute, abandonment is defined as an offense only punishable by “a fine of not less than $300 and not more than $1,000.” Are these numbers the price tags for a living being?

In neighboring states, the penalties for abandonment reflect the gravity of the offense: felony charges and actual jail time. Please show your constituents that Pennsylvania takes all forms of animal cruelty seriously. Amend the law to enact tougher penalties and to set a standard that could save innocent lives.


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Photo Credit: Sergio Souza

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  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Speaker McClinton,
    Those ill-born bastards knew what they were doing, so why should they’d be – when applicable – fined only $300 for their crimes and not jailed them?
    Why are the laws not the same throughout the US if the crime is the same?

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