Dog Allegedly Beaten and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. James Ritts, District Attorney of Ontario County, New York, USA

Goal: Ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution for a 12-year-old dog who died due to alleged cruelty.

A case of animal cruelty has emerged in Geneva, New York, involving the alleged abuse and neglect of a 12-year-old dog named Nina. The Ontario Humane Society, in conjunction with the Geneva Police Department, has charged 61-year-old Anthony J. DeMarco and 49-year-old Urania Warona with animal cruelty following their alleged mistreatment of Nina, which potentially led to her tragic demise.

Nina, a mature black and gray mixed breed, allegedly endured severe abuse and neglect in her final days. The Humane Society received a grievous complaint about a residence on Wadsworth Street, Geneva, where witnesses reportedly observed DeMarco yelling at and physically abusing Nina. The distressed canine, reportedly found emaciated and crying in the backyard, allegedly suffered immensely due to the cruel treatment.

Urania Warona, the dog’s owner, was fully aware of Nina’s deteriorating condition for a prolonged period but failed to seek medical attention or provide proper care, as per reports. Despite her responsibility as Nina’s guardian, Warona is accused of not taking the necessary steps to alleviate the suffering inflicted upon the innocent animal.

This disturbing incident seemingly reveals a grave violation of ethical standards and animal welfare laws. The alleged inhumane treatment and neglect suffered by Nina underscore the urgent need for accountability and justice. The cruelty inflicted upon animals is not only morally reprehensible but also a breach of the fundamental duty to protect and care for sentient beings. Demand justice for this innocent dog.


Dear Mr. James Ritts,

We implore you, as the District Attorney of Ontario County, to ensure a comprehensive investigation into the suspicious death of a 12-year-old dog named Nina. The deliberate mistreatment of animals is a grave violation of ethical principles and undermines the societal commitment to animal welfare and we urge you to take steps towards justice for this innocent animal.

Furthermore, we urge you to prosecute Anthony J. DeMarco and Urania Warona, if found guilty, to the fullest extent of the law for their alleged roles in Nina’s suffering and eventual death. Justice must be sought for Nina, whose life was allegedly cut short due to cruelty and neglect for no reason at all.


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  1. Nina should never have suffered. People this evil need to be taught there are shelters if they no longer want to care for their dog. Yet they decided, fully knowing what they were doing, to inflict pain and misery onto this dog instead of giving her to a shelter. This is beyond horrible. How you can deliberately do this to a dog you have had for 12 years is beyond me. People demonstrate caring by how they treat their animals. Nina suffered verbal and physical abuse. This crime has no reason nor excuse. Try this person or persons in front of a jury. And make our laws for abuse of animals the same for every state.

  2. Josefa Valdivia says:

    Let’s hope that bitch is welcomed pretty soon by Satan

  3. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Mr. James Ritts,
    District Attorney of Ontario County

    61-year-old Anthony J. DeMarco and 49-year-old Urania are just 2 sadistic bastards who don’t deserve to be alive – but since to condemn both to death penalty, is just ‘impossible’, a sentence of 30 years will be appropriate for their crime, wouldn’t you think so?
    Thank you

  4. Judy Wunsch says:

    Dear Mr. James Ritts,
    District Attorney of Ontario County
    I am just horrified at what human beings are capable of doing without any remorse.
    I hope you will consider that those two were aware of what they purposely did when dictating sentences.
    Thank you!

  5. I said give the owner a taste of their own medicine and stick them in solitary and store them and make him feel those hunger pains and the loneliness in that discard ness the abandoned feeling let the owner knows how that feels.

  6. calculadora de alicia avanzada says:

    It is totally wrong. They have to show some humanity. In my opinion its a brutal act. Give them punishment so that no one can do this act in future.

  7. Justice for Nina! RIP
    Death penalty for bastard killers!

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    Poor sweet Nina, she did not deserve this ugly fate. These two people are filthy pieces of garbage who don’t deserve to be in society. They are beyond evil and reprehensible. There are some sick subhumans out there.

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