Child Allegedly Abused at Care Center Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Tan Chee Wee, CEO of Early Childhood Development Agency, Singapore

Goal: Ensure a comprehensive investigation into the alleged incident of child mistreatment at a childcare center.

Amidst a distressing incident of alleged child mistreatment at Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi childcare center, an unequivocal expression of accountability and a temporary suspension of operations have been tendered by Leong Fei Yeen, the institution’s principal.

Ms. Yeen, while deeply regretful of the alleged occurrence, has conveyed sincere apologies on behalf of Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi. The childcare center has chosen to temporarily suspend its operations to effectively address the situation and enact essential enhancements.

This alleged case of child maltreatment has sparked concerns and distress within the community. The welfare of the affected child, his family, and the broader public’s concerns must be acknowledged and respected. Demand an immediate and thorough investigation into this case to ensure full legal accountability.


Dear Mr. Tan Chee Wee,

We, the undersigned, write to express our profound concern regarding the alleged incident of child mistreatment at Taska and Tadika Sri Kandi childcare center. The alleged occurrence has raised distressing questions and warranted a comprehensive response.

We implore you, as the Director of Early Childhood Development Agency, to ensure a thorough and impartial investigation into this matter. It is of paramount importance to uncover the truth, ascertain the circumstances surrounding the alleged mistreatment, and take appropriate actions based on the findings.

The welfare and safety of children within childcare centers are matters of the utmost significance. Singapore’s commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment for its young citizens cannot be compromised.

We urge that all necessary resources be allocated to conduct a meticulous and exhaustive investigation into the alleged incident. By doing so, we can ensure that justice is served, the truth is unveiled, and necessary measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Furthermore, we call upon the relevant authorities to reevaluate and strengthen guidelines and regulations pertaining to childcare centers to prevent any potential instances of mistreatment. It is imperative to foster an environment where children are protected, nurtured, and given every opportunity to thrive.

We trust in your commitment to upholding the welfare of children in Singapore and request that you take the necessary actions to address this situation effectively and responsibly.


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Photo credit: Kelli McClintock

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  1. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Dear Mr. Tan Chee Wee,
    The best solution is to cut off both hands of that wretch
    Thank you!

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