Beauty Pageant Contestants Allegedly Sexually Abused Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Yasonna Laoly, Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia

Goal: Ensure a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment against beauty pageant organizers.

A significant controversy has emerged surrounding the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant held in Jakarta. Multiple contestants participating in the beauty pageant have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the organizers. According to reports by BBC, contestants claim that they were subjected to inappropriate requests, including being asked to remove their tops for “body checks” and photographs, just two days before the finals.

The seriousness of these allegations cannot be understated. Such actions, if proven true, represent an outrageous breach of trust, ethics, and respect for the dignity of the contestants. It is crucial to emphasize that beauty pageants should stand as platforms for empowerment, confidence-building, and inclusivity, rather than becoming grounds for harassment and exploitation.

The allegations have cast a shadow over the integrity of the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant and raise questions about the accountability of the organizers. To ensure justice and transparency, it is imperative that a thorough investigation is conducted into these allegations. The investigation should encompass interviewing all relevant parties, collecting evidence, and examining the organizational practices that may have led to such a situation. Demand action now.


Dear Mr. Yasonna Laoly,

We are writing to express our profound concern regarding the recent allegations of sexual harassment by contestants participating in the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant. The claims of inappropriate requests and actions are deeply distressing and undermine the principles of respect and equality that should be upheld in any reputable beauty pageant.

You, as the Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia, must initiate a comprehensive investigation into these allegations. It is imperative that a transparent and unbiased inquiry is conducted to determine the veracity of the claims and to hold the organizers accountable for any misconduct.

The integrity of beauty pageants is contingent upon ensuring the safety and dignity of all participants. If proven true, these allegations not only harm the reputation of the pageant, but also perpetuate a culture of harassment and exploitation that must be eradicated.

We demand that immediate action be taken to address this issue and to ensure that all individuals involved in organizing the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant are held accountable for their reported actions. By taking a strong stance against harassment and fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect, Indonesia can send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, we encourage the establishment of stringent guidelines and codes of conduct for all beauty pageants within Indonesia. These measures will help prevent similar incidents in the future and contribute to creating a safe and empowering environment for participants.


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  1. Honestly, this is disgusting. It gives Indonesia a bad reputation. You don’t have compassion for your animals and obviously don’t respect your contestants. It’s a sham but it’s also a tragedy for the contestants who have endured your atrocities.

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